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We’ve all read about (and, oh yes,

has pub­lished) clever lit­tle strate­gies to spark up your re­la­tion­ship. But in­trepid mar­ried guy and dad of two

de­cided to get real and find out if any of them ac­tu­ally work … by test­ing them on his un­sus­pect­ing wife. What he learnt may sur­prise you I’VE GOT THIS AWE­SOME WIFE. She ’s co ol , f u n ny a nd muc h more at­trac­tive than any­one mar­ried to me needs to be. But we’re at that fren­zied point in life where our con­ver­sa­tions cen­tre on which kid pooped and which has a fever. Our bed is the site of a great deal of ac­tiv­ity, if by ac­tiv­ity you mean be­ing kicked in the kid­ney by a tod­dler and hav­ing your moles in­spected by a fouryear-old.

I’m hope­ful that the cur­rent, lim­ited state of our sex life won’t last for­ever – I’ve heard that older kids like to bar­ri­cade them­selves in their bed­rooms! – but still. When I’m click­ing around on­line (I’m an

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