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This may sound ob­vi­ous, but to end up with a fra­grance you truly adore, you have to test it on your skin. Women will buy a per­fume based solely on how it smells on a pa­per blot­ter or on a friend, but the same scent will smell dif­fer­ent on dif­fer­ent peo­ple, so you need to try it for your­self. It helps to shop ear­lier in the day, when your sense of smell is more at­tuned. The best spot to test per­fume is your fore­arm. Make sure you don’t have body lo­tion on your arms, since even an un­scented formula can al­ter how a fra­grance smells on you. You can sam­ple up to four scents at a time, two on each fore­arm, but don’t test sim­i­lar smells – like two flo­rals – on the same arm, be­cause you won’t be able to tell them apart. My trick for keep­ing track when try­ing on sev­eral per­fumes is to use coloured-dot stick­ers. If you put a dif­fer­ent coloured dot on your arm where you mist each scent, you’ll eas­ily re­mem­ber which is which: the blue sticker is the gar­de­nia blend; the red sticker is the rose and lemon cologne…. It sounds weird, but it re­ally helps. And al­low each fra­grance to set­tle onto your skin for at least 20 min­utes be­fore you de­cide what you think of it.

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