You eat much more junk food than you’d pre­fer to ad­mit.

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Why it’s key: If you’ve put on weight, are pre­di­a­betic or have choles­terol is­sues with no clear life­style cause, you may be pre­scribed drugs you don’t need. Also, ‘If you haven’t changed your diet or ex­er­cise habits, we’ll need to do some in­ves­ti­gat­ing’ to find out if there’s a med­i­cal rea­son for any ex­ces­sive weight gain, says Moore. That could mean tests for fluid re­ten­tion, hy­pothy­roidism or even a tu­mour. How to spit it out: Take heart: you’re def­i­nitely not the first pa­tient to want to fudge the truth. ‘Peo­ple ex­ag­ger­ate their in­take of fruits and veg­eta­bles, and un­der­re­port on junk food,’ notes Katz. A study from Har­vard Uni­ver­sity in the US found that pa­tients with type-2 di­a­betes were of­ten re­luc­tant to dis­cuss their self-care be­hav­iours be­cause they feared be­ing judged or were ashamed. But, says Katz, speak­ing for most of his col­leagues, ‘There’s noth­ing you can’t tell me. The only rea­son I want to know is so I can do a bet­ter job of taking care of you.’

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