Feel­ing Chicken?

4 tricks to be­ing more can­did

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Re­mem­ber, doc­tors aren’t saints. ‘We all have hu­man frail­ties,’ says Moore. ‘Plus, it’s pretty un­likely that you’ll come up with some­thing your doc­tor has never heard be­fore.’


‘Con­fess’ with a ques­tion. As in, ‘Did I ever tell you my blad­der leaks when I do aer­o­bics?’ or ‘I do have an oc­ca­sional cig­a­rette when I’m out with friends – is that rel­e­vant?’


Write down what you want to tell her. ‘When you go to the doc­tor, read it aloud – this al­lows you to avoid eye con­tact,’ Moore says. Or, sim­ply hand your note to the doc­tor.


Ex­press your fear of be­ing judged. Say, ‘I want to be able to tell you the truth and not feel bad about it,’ says Katz, then say what you need to. If you do feel judged, con­sider switch­ing GPs.

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