You’ve had cos­metic surgery – a tummy tuck, breast im­plants, an eye lift or some­thing else.

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Why it’s key: If you’ve had an ad­verse re­ac­tion to gen­eral anaes­the­sia (or even IV se­da­tion) or an­other is­sue, such as a bleed­ing or clot­ting prob­lem, your GP should note this on your chart. That way you may be spared a re­peat the next time you have surgery or even a rou­tine pro­ce­dure like a colonoscopy, says Dr Holly Phillips. And if the surgery was re­cent, the info might change how your doc­tor treats other is­sues. ‘There is bruis­ing af­ter surgery, and taking omega-3 fatty acids, vi­ta­min E or NSAIDs could make it worse,’ says Goldberg. How to spit it out: When you’re asked, on a form or out loud, if you’ve had surgery, men­tion elec­tive pro­ce­dures. ‘Peo­ple think of elec­tive cos­metic surgery as “not med­i­cal”, but for our pur­poses, it is,’ says Goldberg.

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