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Swap shower gels for a bar of soap and sham­poo for solid bars. (Try Lush – most of its prod­ucts don’t have pack­ag­ing.)

Plas­tic stems on cot­ton buds are the most com­mon form of lit­ter from toi­lets washed up on beaches. Look for buds with pa­per stems.

Swap to plas­ticfree den­tal floss, such as Sen­za­Bam­boo Plas­tic-Free Tea Tree Oil Nat­u­ral Silk Floss (R89, Faith­ful to Na­ture). And use a bam­boo tooth­brush too.

The av­er­age woman will use 12 000 to 16 000 dis­pos­able san­i­tary prod­ucts in her life­time, most of which con­tain plas­tic. In­stead try a men­strual cup or biodegrad­able tam­pons. Also try re­us­able san­i­tary pads ( www.pale­

GH TIP: Plas­tic-free prod­ucts aren’t al­ways avail­able in main­stream shops, but look on­ful-to­na­ for al­ter­na­tives.


Avoid buy­ing petroleum-based syn­thet­ics, in­clud­ing polyester and ny­lon, which shed thou­sands of mi­crofi­bres every time they are washed.

If you’ve got a friend vis­it­ing the UK or US, ask them to bring you back a Gup­pyfriend mi­cro­fil­ter wash­ing bag (about R450). This mesh bag, which you pop your plas­tic-based cloth­ing into be­fore wash­ing, cap­tures


Swap de­ter­gent pods for pow­dered clean­ers in card­board boxes. While th­ese aren’t per­fect (they still con­tain chem­i­cals and phos­phates), they re­duce the plas­tic en­ter­ing the wa­ter sys­tem.

Get your name re­moved from junk-mail lists to re­duce plas­tic en­velopes com­ing through your post­box.

Keep plas­tic-free cut­lery and straws (of­ten made from bam­boo or stain­less steel) in your bag and desk drawer to avoid us­ing plas­tic va­ri­eties.


Keep re­us­able shop­ping bags in the boot of your car and one folded in your hand­bag so you can say no to plas­tic bags at the till. Make smart choices. Choose prod­ucts that come in glass bot­tles and jars rather than plas­tic con­tain­ers. Pick loose fruit and veg rather than opt­ing for those in plas­tic pack­ag­ing.


Beeswax wraps can be used for pack­ag­ing sand­wiches. Try Supa Wraps (R149 for three, Faith­ful to Na­ture).

Use a re­fill­able glass wa­ter bot­tle.

Many cof­fee shops are happy to fill your bring-along cup, rather than us­ing their dis­pos­able one. You’ll of­ten get a dis­count too.

Theamountof­plas­tic to in­ouro­cean­sis­set – tre­bleinadecade un­less­we­take­ac­tion shed­ding plas­tic fi­bres so they don’t es­cape into the wa­ter sup­ply.

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