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I’m a big lover of a Ne­groni, but I some­times like to make mine with Aperol so it’s not as bit­ter as the orig­i­nal. If you can get your hands on An­tica Formula red ver­mouth, use it. Other­wise reg­u­lar ver­mouth will do. With added car­rot juice and blood-or­ange juice, this drink is just per­fec­tion.

Serves 2

2 thick slices of blood or­ange 1t coconut palm sugar hand­ful ice cubes

50ml Aperol

50ml An­tica Formula or ver­mouth

50ml Bom­bay Sap­phire or

Tan­queray gin

50ml car­rot juice

50ml blood-or­ange juice 2 over­sized square ice cubes 1 baby heir­loom car­rot,

halved length­ways


Blow torch, cock­tail shaker and 2 short tum­blers

1. Pre­pare the gar­nish by sprin­kling each slice of blood or­ange with the coconut palm sugar. Run a blow torch over each one un­til the sugar melts and caramelises. Set aside. 2. Throw a hand­ful of ice into a cock­tail shaker. Pour in the Aperol, ver­mouth, gin, car­rot juice and blood-or­ange juice. Give it 3 to 4 shakes.

3. Place an over­sized ice cube in each glass. These cubes are much bet­ter for drinks like this be­cause they melt at a slower rate than nor­mal­sized ice cubes. The last thing you want is a wa­tered-down Ne­groni. Strain the con­tents of the shaker into the glasses. 4. Gar­nish by skew­er­ing one piece of car­rot through the or­ange slice. Lay this in the glass so that the or­ange is float­ing. If you can, sip a lit­tle of the drink through the caramelised piece of or­ange… Ahh heaven!

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