Ur­gent notice re­gar­ding li­cen­cing of­fi­ce

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The Dr Bey­ers Nau­dé Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty re­que­sts re­si­dents to ple­a­se ta­ke note of the fol­lo­wing pro­ce­du­res at the Mu­ni­ci­pal Traf­fic Of­fi­ces.

Dri­ving li­cen­ce card re­ne­wals

Mo­to­ris­ts who ap­p­lied for t­heir new dri­ving li­cen­ce cards be­t­ween the pe­ri­od of May 8 and 26 are he­re­by re­que­sted to col­lect t­heir dri­ving li­cen­ce cards at the Mu­ni­ci­pal Traf­fic Of­fi­ces.

The­re was a de­lay in the cou­rier de­li­very of the cards.

A hu­ge num­ber of out­stan­ding dri­ving li­cen­ce cards for the in­di­ca­ted pe­ri­od has ar­ri­ved. Re­si­dents must ta­ke note that if t­hey do not col­lect t­heir dri­ving li­cen­ce cards on ti­me - within 120 days af­ter the Dri­ving Li­cen­ce Cen­t­re has re­cei­ved it - it will be mar­ked as not col­lected.

Dri­ving Li­cen­ce tran­sacti­ons

All clients that need to ap­ply for the fol­lo­wing must kind­ly ta­ke note that the Mu­ni­ci­pal Traf­fic Of­fi­ces has im­ple­men­ted an ap­point­ment book­ing sy­stem. This was due to the fact that e­ach tran­sacti­on nor­mal­ly ta­kes be­t­ween 10 to 15 mi­nu­tes:

•Application for le­ar­ners li­cen­ces; •Application for dri­ving li­cen­ces; •Application for re­ne­wal of a dri­ving li­cen­ce; and •Application for re­ne­wal of PDP.

The mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty has star­ted im­ple­menting the a­bo­ve ap­point­ment ser­vi­ces as the Mu­ni­ci­pal Traf­fic Of­fi­ces can on­ly hand­le 23 clients per day and so­meti­mes on clo­su­re, clients are still wai­ting in the queue to be as­sis­ted.

This sy­stem has been mo­ni­to­red on a month tri­al and ba­sed on the success of it, the Traf­fic Of­fi­ces will con­ti­nue with such ap­point­ment book­ing sy­stem.

Lo­cal clients and clients from ot­her a­re­as can pho­ne the of­fi­ce to ma­ke an ap­point­ment and a ti­me will be gi­ven to be as­sis­ted.

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