Ka­roo te­am ta­kes first pla­ce at EPRU tou­r­ney

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ABERDEEN — The EPRU Sub-u­ni­on Tour­na­ment which was held in Aberdeen on Sa­tur­day, Ju­ly 1, was a gre­at success.

The aim of the tour­na­ment was to pro­vi­de a plat­form for club play­ers to sho­w­ca­se t­heir ta­lent. On­ly one sub-u­ni­on, Sun­days Ri­ver Val­ley, couldn`t at­tend the tour­na­ment and sent a­po­lo­gies.

The first ma­tch was play­ed be­t­ween Ui­ten­ha­ge and Dis­tricts and PE Me­tro. The ma­tch was won by PE Me­tro with a sco­re of 24 - 5. T­hey sco­red four tries and two con­ver­si­ons a­gainst the one try of Ui­ten­ha­ge and Dis­tricts.

The Ka­roo Sub-u­ni­on te­am, which com­pri­sed eig­ht mem­bers of the Aberdeen Rug­by Club and se­ven play­ers from Mid­del­burg, play­ed a­gainst Kou­kam­ma and won 48 - 43. The Ka­roo te­am sco­red eig­ht tries and fi­ve con­ver­si­ons a­gainst the se­ven tries and four con­ver­si­ons of Kou­kam­ma.

Kou­ga play­ed a­gainst Se­dra and won 30- 0. Kou­ga sco­red four tries, two con­ver­si­ons and two pen­al­ties.

The last ma­tch was play­ed be­t­ween Ka­roo Sub-u­ni­on and an In­vi­ta­ti­on si­de. Ka­roo won 48-7 and sco­red eig­ht tries and two con­ver­si­ons. The In­vi­ta­ti­on si­de sco­red on­ly one try and one con­ver­si­on.

A­bout 500 spec­ta­tors at­ten­ded the tour­na­ment, despi­te the chil­ly con­di­ti­ons, and tho­roughly en­joy­ed the ex­ci­ting rug­by.

The e­vent was con­clu­ded with an af­ter- ma­tch functi­on for all Ka­roo Sub-u­ni­on clubs, Ka­roo Sub- U­ni­on Exe­cu­ti­ve, re­fe­rees, ca­terers and EPRU Exe­cu­ti­ve.

The Vi­ce P­re­si­dent of EPRU, Mr E Fe­bru­a­rie, than­ked all par­ti­ci­pants for the success­ful and well-or­ga­ni­sed rug­by tour­na­ment.

The Ka­roo Sub-u­ni­on te­am was com­pri­sed of eig­ht mem­bers of the Aberdeen Rug­by Club and se­ven play­ers from Mid­del­burg.

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