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GRAAFF-REI­NET — In golf, an “age shoo­t­er” is a gol­fer w­ho­se sco­re ma­t­ches or be­ats his age on a cer­ti­fied 18-ho­le golf cour­se - for ex­am­ple, a gol­fer a­ged 70 who shoots a 70 or bet­ter.

This is a fe­at not ma­ny gol­fers in the wor­ld has a­chie­ved and is cer­tain­ly an ac­com­plishment that most gol­fers on­ly dre­am a­bout.

In the past four weeks, lo­cal gol­fer Wep­pie Wei­de­man - a­ged 76 - has ma­na­ged to do this not on­ce, but twi­ce, playing a sco­re of 76 on two se­pa­ra­te oc­ca­si­ons. Need­less to say, he was im­me­di­a­te­ly cut by 2 shots.

Wei­de­man, who has ma­na­ged to a­chie­ve a han­di­cap-best of -2 du­ring his golf­ing ca­reer, has been playing golf for ne­ar­ly 50 y­e­ars on the Graaff-rei­net Golf Cour­se ma­king him the lon­ge­st full-playing Club mem­ber.

Ac­cor­ding to Wei­de­man, as far as he is a­wa­re - and he has ser­ved as tour­na­ment se­cre­ta­ry at the Club for a­bout 35 y­e­ars - this fe­at has ne­ver been ac­com­plis­hed at the Club be­fo­re.

In­te­res­ting facts a­bout age shoot­ing:

• The o­ver­all re­cord for the youn­ge­st gol­fer to shoot his age be­longs to Bob Ha­mil­ton, a golf pro who shot his age of 59 at Ha­mil­ton Golf Club in E­vans­vil­le, Ind., in 1975.

• The gol­fer who holds the age-shoot­ing re­cord on golf’s ma­jor pro­fes­si­o­nal tours is Wal­ter Mor­gan, playing the C­ham­pi­ons Tour. In 2002, at age 61, Mor­gan shot a 60 in the AT&T Ca­na­da Se­ni­or O­pen C­ham­pi­ons­hip.

• On the PGA Tour, the re­cord be­longs to Sam S­ne­ad. Slam­min’ Sam fi­red a 67 at the Qu­ad Ci­ties O­pen in 1979, w­hen he was 67-y­e­ar­sold. Then he set a new re­cord a day la­ter, shoot­ing 66.

• The ol­dest gol­fer to shoot his age was 103-y­e­ar-old Art­hur T­homp­son of Vic­to­ria, B­ri­tish Co­lum­bia. T­homp­son was playing the U­p­lands Golf Club in Vic­to­ria w­hen he ac­com­plis­hed the fe­at in 1972.

• How a­bout the re­cord for be­a­ting your age by the most stro­kes? OK, that’s Ed Er­vas­ti, who in 2007, at age 93, pos­ted a 72 at Sun­ning­da­le Golf & Coun­try Club (Old Cour­se) in Lon­don, On­ta­rio.

• On the pro tours, the most-stro­kes-be­lo­wa­ge re­cord is held by Jer­ry Bar­ber. In 1994, w­hen he was 78-y­e­ars-old, Bar­ber fi­red a 69 in the Kro­ger Se­ni­or Clas­sic, ni­ne stro­kes be­low his age.

• And fi­nal­ly, the re­cord for most ti­mes shoot­ing your age be­longs to T E­di­son S­mith of Moor­he­ad, Minn. Frank Bai­ley of A­bi­le­ne, Tex­as, had long held this re­cord, ma­t­ching or be­a­ting his age 2,623 ti­mes, from age 71 until age 98.

But in 2006, S­mith pas­sed Bai­ley and con­ti­nues on with the re­cord.

Age shoo­t­er Wep­pie Wei­de­man.

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