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GRAAFF-REI­NET —The ac­counts that re­si­dents of the Dr Bey­ers Nau­de Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty a­re­as ha­ve re­cent­ly re­cei­ved re­flect the in­cre­a­sed pri­ces of ra­tes and ser­vi­ces.

The Coun­cil has en­de­a­vou­red to keep ta­riff char­ges af­for­da­ble.

The ta­riff s­truc­tu­res of the for­mer mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties we­re dif­fe­rent, and con­ti­nue to be dif­fe­rent, but the Ma­yor ex­plai­ned at a meet­ing e­ar­lier this y­e­ar that ta­riff sta­bi­li­sa­ti­on and u­ni­for­mi­ty will be pha­sed in o­ver the next three y­e­ars.

“We are co­ming from dif­fe­rent mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties w­he­re dif­fe­rent so­cio-e­co­no­mic ci­r­cum­stan­ces pre­vai­led. In the­se dif­fe­rent mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties, dif­fe­rent po­li­cies and ta­riffs we­re u­sed and this is re­flected in the bud­get” said Ma­yor de Vos.

The e­lec­tri­ci­ty price in­cre­a­ses are fo­re­most in most pe­op­le’s minds, and it is un­for­tu­na­te that the­se in­cre­a­ses al­ways co­me in­to ef­fect du­ring the col­dest mont­hs of the y­e­ar, w­hen most hou­se­holds’ con­sump­ti­on is at its hig­hest. Alt­hough ta­bled as being ef­fecti­ve from Ju­ly 1st, in practi­ce the new ta­riffs ap­ply from the date of the Ju­ne re­a­ding (u­su­al­ly a­round the midd­le of the month).

A clo­ser look at the new ra­tes shows a mo­dest in­cre­a­se in e­lec­tri­ci­ty char­ges of ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 1.88% in most a­re­as. In the for­mer Cam­de­boo and I­kwe­zi a­re­as, the­re is a block sy­stem in pla­ce, w­he­re­by e­ach u­nit of e­lec­tri­ci­ty u­sed is not char­ged at the sa­me ra­te. The mo­re e­lec­tri­ci­ty that is u­sed, the hig­her the price per u­nit.

In Graaff-rei­net, Aberdeen and Nieu Bet­hes­da, look­ing at the ra­tes for do­mes­tic me­te­red con­su­mers in to­wn, the first 50 u­nits (block 1) are char­ged at R1.02 per u­nit (in­clu­ding VAT). From 51 to 350 u­nits, the char­ge is R1.27 - an in­cre­a­se of 25% per u­nit o­ver the block 1 price. A furt­her hi­ke of 28% ap­plies for the next 250 u­nits in block 3 u­sed (R1.63 per u­nit), and if a hou­se­hold u­ses mo­re than 600 u­nits, e­ach u­nit is then char­ged at R1.89 – a w­hop­ping 85% mo­re per u­nit than the first fif­ty u­nits! It ob­vi­ous­ly pays to try to use as few u­nits in the­se top blocks as pos­si­ble.

U­sing the­se in­cre­a­ses, this me­ans for ex­am­ple that a hou­se­hold u­sing 700kwh in a month can ex­pect to pay a­bout R1 030, which is a­bout R17 mo­re per month.

In the for­mer I­kwe­zi mu­ni­ci­pal a­rea, the u­nit cost in e­ach block is si­mi­lar, ex­cept for block 4 (o­ver 600 u­nits), w­he­re the cost is R2.08 per u­nit. This is dou­ble the cost per u­nit char­ged for the first 50 u­nits.

So a 700 u­nit per month hou­se­hold in Jan­sen­vil­le will pay al­most R1100 - a­bout R70 mo­re than in Graaff-rei­net.

In the for­mer Ba­vi­aans dis­trict, most cu­s­to­mers are on pre­paid e­lec­tri­ci­ty, but tho­se on a me­te­red sy­stem pay a fixed ra­te of R1.42 per u­nit. A cu­s­to­mer in Wil­low­mo­re, for ex­am­ple, will pay the le­ast for the 700 u­nits, at just un­der R1 000.

In all a­re­as, pro­per­ty ra­tes, wa­ter, re­fu­se, sa­ni­ta­ti­on and ot­her small ta­riffs ha­ve all in­cre­a­sed by 6.4%

Re­fu­se cos­ts for re­si­den­ti­al pro­per­ties in the for­mer Cam­de­boo ha­ve in­cre­a­sed to R57.22 per month, which me­ans an ex­tra R3 per month. Sa­ni­ta­ti­on cos­ts in­cre­a­se to R89.30 per month, just un­der R6 mo­re than be­fo­re.

Wa­ter ra­tes are cal­cu­la­ted on a s­li­ding sca­le in all three a­re­as, alt­hough the num­ber of u­nits in e­ach block dif­fers in the dif­fe­rent a­re­as. In the for­mer I­kwe­zi, re­si­dents still get the first 10 kl free –this con­ces­si­on was dis­con­ti­nu­ed in Cam­de­boo a y­e­ar ago.

Cu­s­to­mers who use a lar­ge a­mount of wa­ter will pay de­ar­ly for the ex­tra ki­lo­lit­res u­sed, as the ra­te per ki­lo­lit­re with high con­sump­ti­on is con­si­de­ra­bly hig­her - al­most three ti­mes the ba­sic ra­te for the for­mer Cam­de­boo. This should ser­ve as a cle­ar re­min­der to fix any wa­ter le­aks as soon as pos­si­ble!

Pro­per­ty ra­tes ha­ve in­cre­a­sed a­gain this y­e­ar, with the new ra­te for the for­mer Cam­de­boo being 0.72c for e­very rand va­lue of the pro­per­ty for re­si­den­ti­al pro­per­ties. As an ex­am­ple, a pro­per­ty va­lu­ed at R500 000 will be li­a­ble for R3 600 per y­e­ar, or R300 per month. Pro­per­ty ra­tes in the for­mer Ba­vi­aans Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty are now 0.69c for e­very R1, ma­king the ra­tes for the R500 000 pro­per­ty up to R3 450 per y­e­ar or R287.50 per month. In the for­mer I­kwe­zi, ra­tes are cal­cu­la­ted at 1.95c per rand va­lue, mo­re than dou­ble the ra­tes in the ot­her a­re­as. The R500 000 pro­per­ty he­re will be char­ged at R9 750 for the y­e­ar, or R812.50 per month. One re­a­son for this a­no­ma­ly could be that pro­per­ty as­ses­sments in the for­mer I­kwe­zi ha­ve ap­pa­rent­ly not been do­ne for ma­ny y­e­ars, the­re­fo­re the ra­te­a­ble va­lu­es u­sed are con­si­de­ra­bly un­der the true va­lu­es of the pro­per­ties. The Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty was ap­pro­a­ched for a com­ment in this re­gard but we­re u­na­ble to gi­ve a sa­tis­fac­to­ry ex­pla­na­ti­on. A re­si­dent of Jan­sen­vil­le did, ho­we­ver, con­firm that pro­per­ties in the a­rea had not been re­as­ses­sed for a very long ti­me.

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