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GRAAFF-REI­NET — Pri­or to the an­nu­al #Youth in A­gri­cul­tu­re, Fo­re­stry and Fis­her­ies (#YAFF) A­wards Com­pe­ti­ti­on, a pres­ti­gi­ous e­vent held an­nu­al­ly to ce­le­bra­te youth in a­gri­cul­tu­re, the De­part­ment of A­gri­cul­tu­re, Fo­re­stry and Fis­her­ies in­vi­ted sta­ke­hol­ders in the sec­tor to no­mi­na­te young top pro­du­cers na­ti­on-wi­de either in a­gri­cul­tu­re, fo­re­stry or fis­her­ies for this com­pe­ti­ti­on.

Lo­cal Ca­ro­li­ne Le­wack, ha­t­chery su­per­vis­or and trus­tee of the em­ploy­ee trust at Ka­roo Ca­tch, a lo­cal a­qua­cul­tu­re and a­gro-pro­ces­sing i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve ba­sed in Graaff-rei­net, was one of the­se no­mi­nees.

At the ga­la din­ner held re­cent­ly in P­re­to­ria, Le­wack was an­noun­ced as the o­ver­all win­ner of the Lar­ge-sca­le Fis­her­ies #YAFF a­ward.

Le­wack was re­crui­ted from within the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty as one of Ka­roo Ca­tch’s first group of trai­nees in 2011.

Du­ring the six y­e­ars that Le­wack has been part of this i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve’s o­pe­ra­ti­ons, she has gro­wn sig­ni­fi­cant­ly in her kno­w­led­ge and a­bi­li­ty to breed fish by first obtai­ning NQF Le­vel 1 qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on in A­ni­mal Pro­ducti­on and then qua­li­fying as a fish farmer in 2013.

She has sin­ce wor­ked her way up to being ap­poin­ted as the ha­t­chery su­per­vis­or in 2016.

A­part from her su­per­vi­si­on of the bree­ding and gro­wing of fry to fin­ger­lings in the ha­t­chery, her per­so­nal de­ve­lop­ment has been re­mar­ka­ble. Not on­ly is she a­ble to breed fish and le­ad ot­hers, but she has a tho­rough un­der­stan­ding of the bu­si­ness en­ter­pri­se.

Le­wack is des­cri­bed by her em­ploy­ers as a na­tu­ral le­a­der who con­sis­tent­ly de­li­vers work of a high s­tan­dard, on ti­me.

Le­wack is furt­her prai­sed as an ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly re­li­a­ble and de­ter­mi­ned in­di­vi­du­al who will en­de­a­vour to a­chie­ve all her per­so­nal and pro­fes­si­o­nal go­als.

In ad­di­ti­on to fol­lo­wing the pres­cri­bed du­ties, she con­stant­ly looks for ways of im­pro­ving pro­ces­ses. As such she has been in­stru­men­tal in re­fi­ning the bree­ding pro­to­col as well as pro­po­sing chan­ges that ha­ve been success­ful­ly im­ple­men­ted in the ha­t­chery.

All tho­se who work al­ongs­i­de Le­wack at Ka­roo Ca­tch con­si­der her a va­lu­ed mem­ber of t­heir te­am, de­di­ca­ted and hard­wor­king, who is highly re­gar­ded by all.

Ka­roo Ca­tch is ex­tre­me­ly proud of Le­wack.

Ca­ro­li­ne Le­wack with her a­ward.

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