C­li­nic held to pre­vent stray pup­pies

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Aberdeen -

ABERDEEN — In col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Cam­de­boo A­ni­mal Res­cue En­ter­pri­se (CA­RE) in Aberdeen, the Ka­roo A­ni­mal Pro­tecti­on So­cie­ty (KAPS) ar­ran­ged a ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on c­li­nic in Aberdeen re­cent­ly with vets and staff from the Cam­de­boo Ve­te­ri­na­ry C­li­nic.

Doc­tors Mackie Hob­son and Do­na­lyn Hen­nes­sey and t­heir te­am ste­ri­li­sed 27 cats and 28 dogs, all of which we­re al­so vac­ci­na­ted a­gainst ra­bies.

Mau­r­een Ma­candrew of CA­RE and her te­am of hel­pers broug­ht in a ste­a­dy flow of cats and dogs from the towns­hips with the as­sis­tan­ce of Wilf­red Dey­sel, E­mi­le Ja­cobs, Ka­ren K­lein­hans, and To­ny Ful­ler.

Bu­si­si­we Sa­ba, a­ni­mal he­alth techni­ci­an from the De­part­ment of A­gri­cul­tu­re al­so hel­ped to de­li­ver so­me of the dogs back to t­heir ho­mes. All the in­co­ming and out­going a­ni­mals we­re ca­re­ful­ly mo­ni­to­red by Val Den­ham and Zo­la Mil­ler.

Cam­de­boo Ve­te­ri­na­ry C­li­nic ho­pes to be a­ble to re­turn la­ter in the y­e­ar to car­ry out a­not­her mass ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on in Aberdeen, to help li­mit the un­con­trol­led bree­ding of dogs and cats.

The te­am in­vol­ved in the ste­ri­li­sa­ti­on cam­paign in Aberdeen.

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