Chris­t­mas ca­ring pac­ked in a shoe­box

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The San­ta Shoe­box Pro­ject o­ri­gi­na­ted in Ca­pe To­wn in 2006 with a me­re 180 shoe­boxes.

In 10 y­e­ars it has gro­wn in le­aps and bounds, with the num­ber of San­ta Shoe­boxes do­na­ted re­a­ching a to­tal of 652 180. The shoe­boxes are dis­tri­bu­ted to mo­re than 1000 re­ci­pient fa­ci­li­ties, through mo­re than 60 sa­tel­li­tes a­round South A­fri­ca and Na­mi­bia.

This hu­ge­ly success­ful pro­ject gi­ves do­nors the chan­ce to pre­pa­re a gift box of a per­so­nal na­tu­re for a c­hild w­ho­se na­me and age is kno­wn.

Do­nors are as­ked to fill a shoe­box with a spe­ci­fied se­lecti­on of per­so­nal hy­gie­ne i­tems (a toot­hbrush, toot­h­pas­te, wash cloth and so­ap) to­get­her with e­du­ca­ti­o­nal sta­ti­o­ne­ry sup­plies. Ad­ded to this is an out­fit of clo­thing, a toy and sweets, ap­pro­pri­a­te to the c­hild’s age.

For so­me of the re­ci­pients, this will be the first ti­me that t­hey ha­ve re­cei­ved new i­tems of clo­thing cho­sen spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for them.

This y­e­ar, 161 child­ren ha­ve been i­den­ti­fied in fos­ter ho­mes and fa­ci­li­ties in Graaff-rei­net, Aberdeen and Pe­ar­ston.

Re­gis­tra­ti­on for do­nors o­pens on Sep­tem­ber 1 and is do­ne on­li­ne on www.san­tas­hoe­box. org.

Mo­re de­tails for the date and pla­ce for drop­ping off the com­ple­ted boxes in Graaff-rei­net will be a­vai­la­ble at a la­ter sta­ge.

Help will al­so be a­vai­la­ble for tho­se who would li­ke to be­co­me in­vol­ved but do not ha­ve in­ter­net access to re­gis­ter on­li­ne.

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