Flying o­ver snow-dus­ted moun­tains

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — Fly Ka­roo Air Ser­vi­ces’ Franscois Fit­z­ge­rald pi­lo­ted a sce­nic flig­ht o­ver the snow-cap­ped Nar­dous­berg on Mon­day af­ter­noon, Ju­ly 17.

Nar­dous­berg (al­so kno­wn as Na­douws­berg), is si­tu­a­ted in the vi­ci­ni­ty of Graaff-rei­net and is the se­cond hig­hest peak in the Gre­at Ka­roo at 2429m a­bo­ve sea le­vel, se­cond to Com­pass­berg, which is the hig­hest peak at 2503m a­bo­ve sea le­vel.

A vi­deo ta­ken by one of the pas­sen­gers du­ring the flig­ht shows them swoo­p­ing o­ver the moun­tain which was still dus­ted with snow in the wa­ke of the wee­kend’s cold we­at­her. (Vi­deo can be wa­t­ched on the Graaff­rei­net Ad­ver­ti­ser’s web­si­te: www.graaff­rei­ne­t­ad­ver­ti­ser. com)

The he­li­cop­ter lan­ded on the moun­tain­si­de with the pas­sen­gers a­lig­hting to en­joy the win­try vis­ta.

This bre­at­hta­king lands­ca­pe was pho­to­grap­hed by Graaff-rei­net lo­cal Mor­ne van Jaars­veld du­ring an ou­ting to Nar­dous­berg with Fly Ka­roo’s he­li­cop­ter on Mon­day af­ter­noon, Ju­ly 17

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