S­hoe po­lish cam­paign: ap­pe­al for do­na­ti­ons

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GRAAFF­REI­NET — The Lup­ha­wu Foun­da­ti­on has ap­pe­a­led to the pu­blic in Graaff-rei­net for do­na­ti­ons of black s­hoe po­lish, s­hoe po­lis­hing brus­hes and clot­hs.

All do­na­ti­ons re­cei­ved will be do­na­ted to le­ar­ners in need in Graaff-rei­net’s U­ma­si­zak­he towns­hip at the be­gin­ning of the new school term. The­se do­na­ti­ons will not on­ly ma­ke the le­ar­ners’ shoes look li­ke new, but will help them last lon­ger as well.

This pro­ject was laun­ched at the be­gin­ning of Ju­ly and alt­hough so­me do­na­ti­ons ha­ve been re­cei­ved, much mo­re is still nee­ded to ad­dress this need. The cut-off date for do­na­ti­ons is Ju­ne 24.

The Lup­ha­wu Foun­da­ti­on, which cur­rent­ly has a­bout twen­ty mem­bers, was laun­ched at a for­mal functi­on on Ju­ne 16.

Ac­cor­ding to the foun­der, lo­cal bu­si­nes­s­wo­man Lin­di Fu­la, the vi­si­on of the Foun­da­ti­on is “to help our com­mu­ni­ty tackle dif­fi­cult he­alth, e­du­ca­ti­on, so­ci­al, e­co­no­mic and wel­fa­re is­su­es that would ot­her­wi­se be left to chan­ce to sol­ve”.

A col­lecti­on box has been pla­ced at the Just Pro­per­ty of­fi­ces at the Ka­roo Tra­de cen­t­re in C­hurch S­treet w­he­re do­na­ti­ons can be drop­ped off. Tho­se wis­hing to find out mo­re or con­tri­bu­te in any way can con­tact Lin­di Fu­la at 049 891 0316 or 073 607 9912.

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