Crè­che re­cei­ves ge­ne­rous do­na­ti­ons

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A­BER­DEEN — Ka­bou­ter­land Crè­che in Lo­tus­vil­le and T­hem­ba­le­si­z­we Crè­che we­re both be­ne¿ci­a­ries of a won­der­ful do­na­ti­on of toys and food from old A­ber­do­ni­an Mo­ni­ca A­bra­hams last week.

Mo­ni­ca grew up in A­ber­deen, and she and her la­te sis­ter Mar­ga­ret star­ted a small crè­che ma­ny y­e­ars ago at the Ge­or­ge Ha­y­wood sports¿elds in Lo­tus­vil­le. A­bout 30 y­e­ars ago, Mo­ni­ca mo­ved to Ca­pe Town and was em­ploy­ed as a do­mes­tic wor­ker for 15 y­e­ars. Her dre­am had al­ways been to own her own crè­che, and seeing the ma­ny pres­chool c­hild­ren wan­de­ring aim­les­sly a­round her neig­hbour­hood promp­ted her to gi­ve up her job and fol­low her dre­am.

She star­ted with 15 c­hild­ren, in a small RDP hou­se, and her pas­si­on and de­di­ca­ti­on ha­ve e­na­bled her to now run a very success­ful bu­si­ness with 150 c­hild­ren with 13 staff, in a buil­ding worth o­ver R2m. Sin­ce the be­gin­ning of her en­ter­pri­se, she has ne­ver stop­ped le­ar­ning and has at­ten­ded ma­ny cour­ses. Mem­bers of her staff are all ful­ly trai­ned, and the school is kno­wn as a cen­t­re of ex­cel­len­ce with a long wai­ting list.

W­hen she was in A­ber­deen last De­cem­ber, Mo­ni­ca vi­si­ted the two lo­cal crè­ches and saw for her­self so­me of the pro­blems ex­pe­rien­ced by the­se two or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons. Due to lack of mo­ney, the­re are very few toys for the c­hild­ren, and of­ten in­suf¿cient food. Alt­hough the fees as­ked are very low (R30 per child per month at Ka­bou­ter­land if the pa­rents are not wor­king), very few pa­rents ac­tu­al­ly pay. A­wa­re of the stark con­trast to the fa­ci­li­ties a­vai­la­ble to the c­hild­ren in her ca­re in Dur­ban­vil­le, Mo­ni­ca de­ci­ded that she would li­ke to gi­ve so­mething back to the com­mu­ni­ty in which she grew up. She laun­ched an ap­pe­al to the pa­rents of the c­hild­ren at her school and lo­cal bu­si­nes­ses and re­cei­ved tre­men­dous sup­port. Mo­ni­ca and ¿ve of her te­a­chers vi­si­ted A­ber­deen last week, brin­ging with them 18 boxes ¿l­led with puz­z­les, toys, and books for the A­ber­deen crè­ches, mos­t­ly brand new. Fi­ve boxes of tin­ned and dried food we­re al­so do­na­ted by the Dur­ban­vil­le pa­rents. A fun day was or­ga­ni­sed for the A­ber­deen c­hild­ren, with ga­mes and son­gs. Mo­ni­ca has been as­ked to help the lo­cal crè­ches on a re­gu­lar ba­sis with trai­ning, which she is very hap­py to do. The mot­to of her school is “it’s all a­bout the child”, and she is very wil­ling to pass on her kno­w­led­ge and ex­pe­rien­ce to help in the gro­wth and de­ve­lop­ment of the A­ber­deen c­hild­ren too.

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