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On Wed­nes­day e­ve­ning, Oc­to­ber 4, the John Ru­pert T­he­a­t­re in Par­so­na­ge Street, Graaff-reinet, will be scree­n­ing the mu­si­cal, La La Land. La La Land tells the sto­ry of Se­bas­ti­an (Ry­an Gos­ling) and Mia (Em­ma S­to­ne) who are dra­wn to­get­her by their com­mon de­si­re to do w­hat they lo­ve. But as success mounts, they are fa­ced with de­ci­si­ons that be­gin to fray the fra­gi­le fa­bric of their lo­ve af­fair, and the dre­ams they wor­ked so hard to main­tain in e­ach ot­her thre­a­ten to rip them a­part. The ¿lm will start at 19:00, with the doors to the t­he­a­t­re o­pe­ning at 18:30. Tic­kets, at R25 e­ach, will be a­vai­la­ble at the door.

GRAAFF-REINET — The Drost­dy Ho­tel in­vi­tes re­si­dents of Graaff-reinet to sam­ple so­me of the be­st wi­nes cur­rent­ly on of­fer at a tas­ting e­ve­ning in the ho­tel’s Wi­jn­ka­mer on Wed­nes­day e­ve­ning, Oc­to­ber 4, from 18:00 to 20:00.

Ca­rien Hugo-wa­ring, the brand am­bas­sa­dor at An­tho­nij Ru­pert Wi­nes, will be hos­ting the e­ve­ning - her depth of kno­w­led­ge a­bout all the wi­nes is as­to­nis­hing.

A to­tal of six dif­fe­rent wi­nes will be tas­ted, with a se­lecti­on of chee­s­es to ac­com­pa­ny the wi­nes.

One of the wi­nes to be sam­pled is the Ca­pe of Good Ho­pe Sout­hern Slo­pes. Ot­her wi­nes to be tas­ted include the Pro­tea C­har­don­nay 2017, the L’or­marins Brut Vin­ta­ge Ro­se 2013, the An­tho­nij Ru­pert Sauv, The Ca­pe of Good Ho­pe Ser­ru­ria C­har­don­nay 2015 and the Je­an Roi Ro­se.

Re­ser­va­ti­ons for the e­ve­ning can be ma­de through the ho­tel, or by cal­ling An­ra S­mith, the Drost­dy Wi­nes­hop Ma­na­ger, on 049 892 2161.

Tic­kets cost R100 per per­son. Anyo­ne in­te­rested is ad­vi­sed to book as soon as pos­si­ble as the­re are li­mi­ted se­ats a­vai­la­ble.

The fol­lo­wing e­ve­ning the­re will be a Wi­ne & Di­ne in the De Cam­de­boo Re­stau­rant.

He­re a se­lecti­on of spec­ta­cu­lar An­to­nij Ru­pert Wi­nes will be per­fect­ly pai­red with a va­ri­e­ty of su­perb dis­hes.

Tic­kets cost R295 per per­son and, as the­re are li­mi­ted se­ats a­vai­la­ble for the din­ner, tho­se in­te­rested are ad­vi­sed to book as soon as pos­si­ble.

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