Po­li­ce of­fi­cers lend a hel­ping hand to lo­cal le­ar­ners

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GRAAFF-REINET — In March of t­his y­e­ar, the stu­dents who ha­ve been accep­ted to stu­dy to­wards their Ba­chel­or of Arts Po­li­ce S­cien­ce (BAPS) de­gree ar­ri­ved in Graaff-reinet to con­ti­nue with their stu­dies to­wards their de­grees at the SAPS A­ca­de­my.

T­his cour­se is fun­ded by the SAPS and at­tracts stu­dents from all o­ver the coun­try.

The­se stu­dents ha­ve sin­ce em­bar­ked on a pro­ject ai­med at as­sis­ting le­ar­ners of two i­den­ti­fied Graaff-reinet p­ri­ma­ry schools.

An or­ga­ni­zing com­mit­tee was es­ta­blis­hed in or­der to run the pro­ject, na­me­ly Capt Mk­ontshwa­na, Const Mood­ley, Const Pa­ka­de and Const Sit­ho­le.

Lo­cal schools we­re vi­si­ted to try to de­ter­mi­ne which school or schools fit­ted the pro­ject plan.

The BAPS stu­dents e­ven­tu­al­ly sett­led on as­sis­ting Kroon­va­le and Ling­com P­ri­ma­ry Schools.

A vi­sit by the or­ga­ni­sing com­mit­tee to the­se schools on Sep­tem­ber 7 re­vea­led that ma­ny of the le­ar­ners we­re at school wit­hout school shoes.

Se­ver­al of the­se le­ar­ners we­re ba­re­foo­t­ed, whi­le so­me had on san­dals or sne­a­kers.

The go­al was set to sup­ply school shoes to the af­fected le­ar­ners from the­se schools.

Funds are cur­rent­ly being rai­sed by the BAPS stu­dents as well as A­ca­de­my per­son­nel and tho­se at­ten­ding cour­ses at the A­ca­de­my.

The or­ga­ni­zing com­mit­tee would li­ke to in­vi­te bu­si­nes­ses or pri­va­te in­di­vi­du­als in Graaff-reinet to co­me on bo­ard and as­sist them in ma­king t­his pro­ject a success. The pro­po­sed da­te for the han­ding o­ver of the­se i­tems is Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 11.

They would be very gra­te­ful for any do­na­ti­ons of school shoes for boys and gi­rls with i­den­ti­fied si­zes being child­ren’s si­zes 11, 12 and 13, and a­dult si­zes 1 and 2.

Any shoes or cash do­na­ti­on s­hould be di­rected to Lt Co­lo­nel Pau­la van Rooy­en, Sup­port Ma­na­ger of the SAPS A­ca­de­my Graaff­rei­net, who can be con­tacted at 049 807 5252. Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, the mem­bers of the com­mit­tee may be con­tacted di­rect­ly: Capt Mk­hontshwa­na (078 640 2680 or 073 456 7432), Cst Pa­ka­de (073 456 7432), Cst Mood­ley (072 988 0734) and Cst Sit­ho­le (083 362 6413).

“Your as­sis­tan­ce will go a long way in hel­ping our child­ren in Graaff-reinet in at­ten­ding school in a man­ner that we can all be proud of,” said Cap­tain Mk­hontshwa­na.

The or­ga­ni­zing com­mit­tee: Capt Mk­ontshwa­na, Const Mood­ley, Const Pa­ka­de and Const Sit­ho­le.

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