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GRAAFF-REINET — The na­ti­o­nal news chan­nel ENCA has re­cent­ly run a se­ries of sto­ries on po­ver­ty and the im­pacts the­re­of on or­di­na­ry pe­op­le.

A few mont­hs ago, Cl­lr Sa­man­tha Gra­ham of Graaff-reinet rai­sed an is­sue that was being ex­pe­rien­ced lo­cal­ly, w­he­re poor pe­op­le in the com­mu­ni­ty are being dis­ad­van­ta­ged, with a DA Mem­ber of Par­li­a­ment.

She fol­lo­wed up on the is­sue and is­su­ed a press sta­te­ment in t­his re­gard, which was pic­ked up by ENCA.

They we­re then re­fer­red to Cl­lr Gra­ham as the per­son who had broug­ht up the pro­blem, and they as­ked if they could run a sto­ry on t­his.

On Tu­es­day t­his week, ENCA re­por­ter Da­sen T­ha­thi­ah and crew spent the day with Cl­lr Gra­ham, fil­ming in the Graaff-reinet a­rea and spea­king to re­si­dents of U­ma­si­zak­he.

“It is a won­der­ful op­por­tu­ni­ty to high­lig­ht the im­pact of po­ver­ty he­re, as well as to ma­ke pe­op­le a­wa­re of the dif­fi­cul­ties of re­cei­ving ser­vi­ces in ru­ral com­mu­ni­ties that are si­tu­a­ted far from ci­ty cen­tres. It is ho­ped that by rai­sing t­his is­sue, the go­vern­ment will ta­ke steps to im­pro­ve ser­vi­ce de­li­very to pla­ces li­ke Graaff-reinet” said Cl­lr Gra­ham.

The sto­ry is sche­du­led to be ai­red throug­hout the day on Mon­day, Oc­to­ber 9, on ENCA, DSTV chan­nel 403.

Cl­lr Sa­man­tha Gra­ham is in­ter­vie­wed by re­por­ter Da­sen T­ha­thi­ah in U­ma­si­zak­he.

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