S­neeu­berg far­mers en­joy bre­ak­fast success

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GRAAFF-REINET — It was an e­ar­ly start to the day on Sa­tur­day, Sep­tem­ber 30, for the S­neeu­berg A­gri­cul­tu­ral As­so­ci­a­ti­on's com­mit­tee and their wi­ves as fi­nal pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for their bre­ak­fast, held du­ring the Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val, we­re com­ple­ted.

Di­a­ne Mur­ray, the a­ble ca­terer, and her hel­pers we­re e­ven e­ar­lier, pro­vi­ding a sump­tu­ous ty­pi­cal Ka­roo bre­ak­fast for the far­ming gue­sts.

O­ver 80 tic­kets we­re sold for the e­vent, and the gue­sts and spea­kers ar­ri­ved ti­me­ous­ly. Im­me­di­a­te­ly the to­ne was set for a success­ful functi­on as the far­mers met with their u­su­al laug­h­ter and hands­ha­kes at the per­fect ve­nue, the U­ni­on Pa­vi­li­on, with S­pan­dau Kop in the back­ground.

The first spea­ker was i­co­nic S­pring­bok rug­by star, Bak­kies Bo­tha. He en­ter­tai­ned the gue­sts with rug­by a­ne­cdo­tes and words of en­coura­ge­ment and po­si­ti­vi­ty to the far­mers going through the droug­ht pe­ri­od. As a far­mer him­self, he could em­pa­thi­se with their pro­blems.

The se­cond spea­ker was Om­ri van Zyl, CEO of A­gri SA, who ur­ged the far­mers to be ent­hu­si­as­tic and po­si­ti­ve in the­se ti­mes of un­cer­tain­ty for the a­gri­cul­tu­ral sec­tor. “We are the he­art­be­at of the land and we need to ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce,” said van Zyl.” E­very far­mer is a le­a­der-it all co­mes do­wn to te­am­work,” he con­ti­nu­ed.

Van Zyl al­so in­for­med the gue­sts a­bout in­te­res­ting chan­ges hap­pe­ning within the A­gri or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on, en­ding his talk on a po­si­ti­ve: “Is the­re ho­pe? A re­soun­ding 'Yes'”

The or­ga­ni­sers would li­ke to thank spon­sors OVK, BKB, S­pil­haus and FNB, wit­hout w­ho­se sup­port the e­vent would not ha­ve been pos­si­ble.

Gra­ham Mur­ray, chair­man of the S­neeu­berg A­gri­cul­tu­ral As­so­ci­a­ti­on, Bak­kies Bo­tha, ex-s­pring­bok rug­by play­er, Dou­gie S­tern, chair­man of A­gri Eastern Ca­pe, An­ton van der Mes­cht, mas­ter of ce­re­mo­nies, Om­ri van Zyl, CEO of A­gri South A­fri­ca and Da­vid...

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