2017 Lor­mar en­du­ran­ce ri­de a gal­lo­ping success

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MID­DEL­BURG — The LOR­MAR FEI 3* ERASA en­du­ran­ce ri­de took pla­ce Oc­to­ber 19 to 21 at Fai­r­view farm in the Mid­del­burg dis­trict.

A to­tal of 153 ri­ders en­te­red the 40km, 80km, 120km and 160km ri­des.

The­se ri­des we­re de­fi­ni­te­ly not e­a­sy and the a­bi­li­ty of horse and ri­der we­re ex­tre­me­ly tes­ted. The we­at­her con­di­ti­ons we­re i­de­al for the three days with cle­ar skies to en­joy the sce­ne­ry and ga­me on their rou­te through the moun­tains. The lig­ht b­ree­ze was wel­co­med and u­sed by the ex­pe­rien­ced ri­ders to as­sist with the p­hy­si­cal con­di­ti­ons of the horses.

The com­pe­ti­tors e­ven had a wi­de view of Com­pass­berg, the hig­hest peak in the Eas­tern Ca­pe on their rou­te through the veld, rocks and moun­tain.

The Lor­mar Te­am, all com­pe­ti­tors, vets and of­fi­ci­als en­joy­ed the ex­ci­ting and com­pe­ti­ti­ve 3 day e­vent in Mid­del­burg dis­trict. One of their main aims was to bring the per­cen­ta­ge of horse fail-to-com­ple­te do­wn. Ac­cor­ding to the Fo­reign Vet, Dr Mo­ni­ca Mi­ra, who ca­me all the way from Por­tu­gal, they had a hu­ge success ra­te of on­ly 14 per­cent of the horses which did not com­ple­te the ri­de, which com­pa­res to the lo­west in the wor­ld.

The tre­at­ment vet, Dr Marc Wal­ton from Her­ma­nus, shared this sta­tis­tic with all pre­sent at Sa­tur­day e­ve­ning’s pri­ce gi­ving and com­ple­men­ted the o­w­ners and ri­ders on their a­chie­vement to pre­pa­re the horses pro­per­ly for such a chal­len­ging e­vent and the fact that 86% of the horses com­ple­ted the ra­ce.

The in­ter­na­ti­o­nal ri­ders from Slo­vakia, Aus­tra­lia and Por­tu­gal who par­ti­ci­pa­ted agreed that next ti­me mo­re Eu­ro­pe­an should co­me and ex­pe­rien­ce this Lor­mar En­du­ran­ce e­vent in the Ka­roo to see w­hat a re­al test of en­du­ran­ce is for both horse and ri­der. Oc­to­ber 2018 three s­tar will be a chal­len­ge to horse and ri­der mo­re or less the sa­me as this e­vent now in 2017. The com­pe­ti­tors lo­ved the ve­nue and the e­ven in­te­res­ting and beau­ti­ful Ka­roo track. Some of the rou­tes we­re re­al­ly chal­len­ging, but an i­de­al ex­pe­rien­ce to the young­sters to le­arn to un­der­stand the a­bi­li­ty of their horse and to im­pro­ve their own horse­mans­hip.

Vets ca­me from as far as Her­ma­nus and Mo­di­mo­le and the Fo­reign Ve­te­ri­na­ry, Dr Mo­ni­ca Mi­ra, e­ven ca­me from Por­tu­gal! Ro­bert Lord was the C­hief S­te­ward and ERASA Ri­de Mas­ter at the e­vent. FEI of­fi­ci­als from all o­ver South A­fri­ca we­re pre­sent and Su­san de Mey­er and S­ha­nie Bosch-fou­rie e­ven ca­me from Na­mi­bia.

Ma­bet Cil­liers from Sa­ruk S­tud was the o­ver­all win­ner of the 160km ul­ti­ma­te en­du­ran­ce ri­de with her horse Wa­ter­lea Ju­ni­per. She al­so com­ple­ted the ri­de in the fas­test ti­me and re­cei­ved the pri­ze for the be­st con­di­ti­o­ned horse. Me­gan Bo­tha won the lig­ht-weig­ht 160km en­du­ran­ce ri­de whi­le Lutri van der Mer­we had the quic­kest slip-ti­me of 11 mi­nu­tes 27 se­conds. Ju­ni­or win­ner of the 80km and 120km ri­de was La­ra le Roux, who al­so a­chie­ved the fas­test ti­me for this ca­te­go­ry.

The Ol­ford Ara­bi­ans trop­hy for the first ful­l­bred Ara­bi­an horse that cros­sed the fi­nish li­ne, was pre­sen­ted to Lou­i­za Ha­ne­kom with Per­de­berg A­ri­zo­na. The Eas­tern Ca­pe cham­pi­on on 120km was a ju­ni­or Ni­ca­ra Die­de­ricks and on the 160km was Lee­ann Wels.

Te­am Win­ners on the 120km was Gar­den Rou­te En­du­ran­ce Te­am and Sa­ruk Te­am from Oudts­hoorn won the 160km. A spe­ci­al pri­ze, S­pi­rit of En­du­ran­ce, was pre­sen­ted to Jackie Jou­bert and Car­let­te van Ee­den for as­sis­ting Ni­ca­ra Die­de­ricks w­hen she fain­ted du­ring the g­roo­m­ing ses­si­on of her horse, by pre­sen­ting her horse in her ab­sen­ce for the ve­te­ri­na­ri­an in­specti­on.

Piet and An­net­te van der Mer­we and the Lor­mar Te­am would li­ke to thank all the com­pe­ti­tors, vets and of­fi­ci­als who at­ten­ded this oc­ca­si­on.

A spe­ci­al word of thanks to the spon­sors of this p­res­ti­ge e­vent: SA Si­lobags, We­stern S­hop­pe, Ver­ma­te, Jo­dy Loub­ser (horse phy­si­ot­her­a­pist) and W­hi­te lens pho­to­graphic ser­vi­ces. We­stern S­hop­pe (www.wes­terns­hop­pe.com), tra­ders in fi­ne sadd­le­ry and e­ques­tri­an pro­ducts ma­de a hu­ge con­tri­bu­ti­on by spon­so­ring a lot of va­lu­a­ble and u­se­ful e­ques­tri­an sup­plies for this e­vent!

Lor­mar En­du­ran­ce is al­re­a­dy look­ing for­ward to their next en­du­ran­ce e­vent wee­kend, a three s­tar ri­de in March 2018 at Fai­r­view w­hen the rou­te will ha­ve flat­ter legs and mo­re o­pen coun­try for horse and ri­der to pre­pa­re for the rest of the se­a­son.

Ma­bet Cil­liers (with Wa­ter­lea Ju­ni­per) com­ple­ted the ri­de in the fas­test ti­me and al­so re­cei­ved the pri­ze for the be­st con­di­ti­o­ned horse!

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