Fa­mi­ly en­joys he­li­cop­ter flig­ht

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

GRAAFF-REINET — U­ni­on High le­ar­ner, Da­vid King­horn had a vi­si­on. He was on a mis­si­on. The pri­ze was a on­ce in a li­fe­ti­me ex­pe­rien­ce... and he wan­ted it!

As part of the re­cent Pick n Pay trol­ley dash raf­fle, the­re was al­so a pri­ze for the le­ar­ner that sells the most tic­kets. Da­vid sold 540 tic­kets! And for his ef­forts, he won a he­li­cop­ter flig­ht for four pe­op­le.

Thanks to Fly Ka­roo, Da­vid and his fa­mi­ly had the chan­ce to fly o­ver S­pan­dau­kop, the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on, as well as the s­chool seeing e­ver­y­thing from the air. And w­hat a beau­ti­ful sig­ht that was.

The s­chool thanks Fly Ka­roo Air Ser­vi­ces for ma­king this hap­pen for a le­ar­ner that was so com­mit­ted to the cau­se as well as Da­vid for his com­mit­ment to U­ni­on High and his ef­forts to rai­se mo­ney for the s­chool.

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