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With the exhi­bi­ti­on ‘Wild’ now o­pen at the I­mi­ba­la Gal­le­ry at the Drost­dy Ho­tel, the gal­le­ry is de­lig­h­ted to ha­ve a lar­ge S­tal­king C­hee­tah and a ‘hot-off-the-press’ E­le­va­ted Le­o­pard a­mong ot­her work by Dy­lan Le­wis. Al­so in­clu­ded are three of his lar­ge ab­stract pa­nels tit­led “Spoor”, me­a­ning ‘any sign or tra­ce of a cre­a­tu­re by which the pro­gress of so­meo­ne or so­me­thing may be fol­lo­wed. A spoor may in­clu­de tracks, scents, scat or bro­ken fo­lia­ge‘. T­he­se sculp­tu­ral forms are lin­ked to his sculp­tu­res in that his hand prints - his ‘spoor’ - are sig­na­tu­re mar­kings on all his sculp­ted sur­fa­ces. The exhi­bi­ti­on in­clu­des ot­her es­ta­blis­hed South A­fri­can ar­tis­ts such as Frans Mul­der and Pe­ter Gray and runs until the end of Fe­bru­a­ry. The gal­le­ry is o­pen from Mon­days to F­ri­days from 8:30 to 17:00 and on Sa­tur­days from 08:30 to 13:00. For any furt­her in­for­ma­ti­on ple­a­se call Kim Im­rie at 087 285 4810.

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