Fo­kus op A­ber­deen Three sus­pects’ bail de­nied

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A­BER­DEEN — A­ber­deen far­mer Han­nes Gouws was shot in the fa­ce at point-blank ran­ge in March du­ring an at­temp­ted rob­be­ry at the farm Ma­ka­teesplaas, on the out­skirts of A­ber­deen.

Three men ha­ve been ar­res­ted so far in con­necti­on with the ca­se.

On Wednesday, No­vem­ber 8, a spe­ci­al court he­a­ring was held in the A­ber­deen Ma­gi­stra­tes Court, w­he­re the three sus­pects ap­p­lied for bail.

The court was pac­ked with far­mers who had co­me to show their sup­port to the fa­mi­ly of the victim.

The three sus­pects, all from Ge­or­ge in the We­stern Ca­pe, stand accu­sed on the fol­lo­wing char­ges re­la­ting to the at­tack on Han­nes Gouws on March 31 this y­e­ar.

- At­temp­ted mur­der;

- Ar­med Rob­be­ry with ag­gra­va­ting ci­r­cum­stan­ces and;

- Con­spi­ra­cy to mur­der.

T­he­se sus­pects may al­so be lin­ked to the hou­se­bre­a­king on Han­nes Gouws’ farm.

Zo­li­le N­ge­za from Port E­li­za­beth was the le­gal re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve for one of the sus­pects.

He sta­ted that his client was em­ploy­ed at a lo­cal gym in Ge­or­ge, is the so­le bre­ad win­ner in his fa­mi­ly and should be re­le­a­sed on R1 000 bail.

Piet Mey­er of Graaff-reinet re­pre­sen­ted the ot­her two sus­pects and al­so as­ked for R1 000 bail e­ach.

Sta­te Pro­se­cu­tor Ad­vo­ca­te Zu­kis­wa Zo­ku­sa from Jan­sen­vil­le ma­de re­fe­ren­ce to Black Monday and ex­pres­sed her con­cern as to the sa­fe­ty of far­mers.

All three sus­pects ha­ve pre­ci­ous ca­ses a­gainst them ran­ging from as­sault to hou­se­bre­a­king.

Jud­ge van der West­hui­zen from Port E­li­za­beth de­nied bail for all three men, and the ca­se was re­man­ded to Ja­nu­a­ry 18, 2018.

War­rant Of­fi­ce S­ha­ne Bosch from DPCI, Se­ri­ous Or­ga­ni­zed Cri­me in Port E­li­za­beth, sta­ted that a furt­her sus­pect has tur­ned Sta­te wit­ness, and that he is fi­na­li­zing char­ges a­gainst a fifth sus­pect. Far­mers ma­de their pre­sen­ce felt in the pac­ked court­room.

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