A birt­hday ce­le­bra­ti­on for all

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A­BER­DEEN — The Se­ni­or Ci­ti­zens Ca­re Group of the A­ber­deen Dutch Re­for­med Church held a very spe­ci­al tea par­ty in the church hall last Wednesday.

As well as mem­bers of their own con­gre­ga­ti­on, ot­her re­si­dents o­ver the age of 70 we­re in­vi­ted to join in a par­ty des­cri­bed as “a birt­hday ce­le­bra­ti­on for all”.

One of the or­ga­ni­sers ex­plai­ned that they wan­ted to ma­ke all the se­ni­or ci­ti­zens feel spe­ci­al, as ma­ny of them li­ve on their own, and for va­ri­ous re­a­sons do not do a­ny­thing to ce­le­bra­te their birt­hday.

E­ach ta­ble was hos­ted by one of the NGK la­dies, and e­ven had a beau­ti­ful­ly de­co­ra­ted birt­hday ca­ke for the gue­sts to share. A­bout 55 pe­op­le at­ten­ded, so­me of w­hom we­re col­lected (com­ple­te with wal­kers if ne­ces­sa­ry) by mem­bers of the con­gre­ga­ti­on.

Mas­ter of ce­re­mo­nies Da­nie Pie­naar kept the mor­ning flo­wing with jo­kes and ta­les, and sin­ger El­za­beth van der Bi­jl, from Op­pi Vlak Pad­stal, en­ter­tai­ned with se­ver­al well-kno­wn A­fri­kaans fa­vou­ri­tes and so­me coun­try son­gs.

E­ach guest al­so re­cei­ved a gift, and the or­ga­ni­sers would li­ke to thank S­pan­dau S­par, PDK, Nom­mer­pas and ot­her in­di­vi­du­als for their spon­sors­hip. The la­dies who ba­ked put on a tre­men­dous spre­ad for the gue­sts, all of w­hom we­re highly ap­pre­ci­a­ti­ve.

A con­tin­gent of Aal­wyn­hof re­si­dents was al­so pre­sent, and plat­ters of food we­re ta­ken to the Ho­me af­ter the par­ty for tho­se who we­re too frail to at­tend. En­ter­tai­ner El­za­beth van der Bi­jl.

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