C­hil­d­ca­re cen­t­re o­pens its doors

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A­BER­DEEN — A group of eig­ht la­dies, w­ho­se c­hild­ren ha­ve now gro­wn up and are off their hands, ha­ve had a dre­am for a few y­e­ars of star­ting an or­pha­na­ge in A­ber­deen.

They ha­ve ap­p­lied to be re­gis­te­red as a non­pro­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on, and ha­ve as­ked the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty for a suit­a­ble buil­ding, with sup­port from lo­cal coun­cil­lors El­dri­ge Rui­ters and Wil­lem Sa­fers. The la­dies ha­ve gone door-to-door and spo­ken to re­si­dents a­bout their vi­si­on, and ha­ve met a very fa­vou­ra­ble re­spon­se. The na­me for the group was cho­sen in con­juncti­on with mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty.

K­no­wing that this could be a long pro­cess, in the me­an­ti­me, they are of­fe­ring an af­ter­ca­re ser­vi­ce to help c­hild­ren with ho­me­work. They would al­so li­ke to be a­ble to pro­vi­de c­hil­d­ca­re and sti­mu­la­ting acti­vi­ties in the mor­nings to help wor­king mot­hers, for tho­se c­hild­ren too young to at­tend crè­che.

S­tel­la Kam­fer, who is le­a­ding the pro­ject, has com­ple­ted Le­vel 4 Ear­ly Le­ar­ning C­hil­d­ca­re, and wor­ked for ma­ny y­e­ars in Port E­li­za­beth in crè­ches and af­ter­ca­re cen­tres.

The Cen­t­re had an of­fi­ci­al o­pe­ning at the end of last month, and 114 c­hild­ren o­ver­flo­wed a­round the tem­po­ra­ry ba­se, the ho­me of I­ris Jou­bert. The c­hild­ren play­ed ga­mes, sang, and en­joy­ed sto­ries that we­re re­ad to them. At this sta­ge they ha­ve no spon­sors­hip, so the la­dies are paying for e­ver­y­thing them­sel­ves.

Plans are being ma­de to run a Holiday Club du­ring De­cem­ber, so as to keep the c­hild­ren bu­sy and off the streets du­ring the long bre­ak from school.

A­nyo­ne who is a­ble to as­sist with any do­na­ti­ons is as­ked to con­tact S­tel­la Kam­fer on 078 227 2539.

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