‘To wa­tch us dan­ce is to he­ar our he­arts speak’

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GRAAFF-REINET — On No­vem­ber 2 and 3, the C­hi­nel­le School Of Dan­cing, with a stu­dio of 80 pu­pils, had its y­e­ar­ly dan­ce exhi­bi­ti­on at the John Ru­pert T­he­a­t­re with ex­tracts from The Nut­crac­ker and mo­dern, tap and hip-hop per­for­man­ces.

“I am so proud of the gi­rls,” said C­hi­nel­le Ma­rais. The e­ve­ning star­ted off with a de­mon­stra­ti­on of w­hat hap­pens at the stu­dio be­fo­re practi­ces, with stret­ching, and practi­sing rou­ti­nes in the dif­fe­rent dan­ce sty­les.

The first half com­pri­sed the ex­tract from The Nut­crac­ker, and in the se­cond half, the pu­pils we­re a­ble to sho­w­ca­se the ot­her dan­ce sty­les. The gi­rls ha­ve ob­vi­ous­ly wor­ked ex­tre­me­ly hard this y­e­ar, es­pe­ci­al­ly in the past few mont­hs.

Pu­pils ran­ging in age from 3 to 18 y­e­ars par­ti­ci­pa­ted in this pro­ducti­on. Re­he­ar­sals took pla­ce at the John Ru­pert T­he­a­t­re from ear­ly in Oc­to­ber in or­der to fa­mi­li­a­ri­se the gi­rls with the sta­ge and sur­roun­dings, which was es­pe­ci­al­ly im­por­tant for the litt­le on­es. C­hi­nel­le is de­lig­h­ted to ha­ve such a won­der­ful ve­nue for her pro­ducti­ons!

The John Ru­pert T­he­a­t­re would li­ke to com­mend C­hi­nel­le’s School of Dan­ce on the pro­ducti­on and to high­lig­ht the fact that it ta­kes ma­ny dedicated hours to pro­du­ce a bal­let li­ke The Nut­crac­ker. It was an ex­cel­lent show, and all the de­di­ca­ti­on cer­tain­ly paid off for the pac­ked au­dien­ces.

C­hi­nel­le her­self has pou­red her he­art and her soul in­to this pro­ducti­on, as ha­ve the dan­cers in their va­ri­ous groups and sty­les of dan­ce and le­vels of ex­per­ti­se.

The all-girl cast practi­sed dai­ly, so­meti­mes in be­t­ween main­te­nan­ce work and ot­her acti­vi­ties. C­hi­nel­le has taug­ht her pu­pils the skills of dan­ce for ma­ny y­e­ars, so­me from com­ple­te be­gin­ners until the end of their high school careers.

C­hi­nel­le ma­na­ged to in­cor­po­ra­te all the dan­cers from her school of dan­ce and e­ach and e­very one had at le­ast one turn to dan­ce on sta­ge.

The very young on­es de­lig­h­ted the cro­wds with their in­no­cent cha­rac­ters and cu­te cos­tu­mes. C­hi­nel­le has to train and te­ach the e­ti­quet­te of dan­ce to t­he­se gi­rls be­fo­re she can e­ven con­si­der put­ting on a pro­ducti­on for the pu­blic. The youn­ger gi­rls get ti­red and bo­red wai­ting for the gi­rls who ha­ve big­ger ro­les and lon­ger dan­ces.

Sin­gle-han­ded­ly she pulls it off and fills the se­ats in the t­he­a­t­re for at le­ast three per­for­man­ces.

The John Ru­pert T­he­a­t­re com­mit­tee is proud to ha­ve the T­he­a­t­re being u­ti­li­sed for shows li­ke this and en­coura­ges the Graaff-reinet com­mu­ni­ty to get in­vol­ved with the shows, to wa­tch them, to use the T­he­a­t­re and keep the joy of the­a­tri­cal en­ter­tai­n­ment a­li­ve.

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