Graaff-reinet Bi­rd Club trips to Let­skraal

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GRAAFF-REINET — For a re­cent ou­ting, e­le­ven mem­bers of the Graaff-reinet Bi­rd Club vi­si­ted the farm Let­skraal, be­lon­ging to Jo­han and Ri­na Min­naar.

They ap­pro­a­ched the farm by way of the Co­lo­nies­plaats ro­ad and we­re re­war­ded with a won­der­ful sig­hting ne­ar the ro­ad of two Blue Kor­haan cal­ling to e­ach ot­her.

A small group of Blue Cra­ne was al­so spot­ted.

On re­a­ching the farm they we­re met by the staff who ma­de them feel very wel­co­me and o­pe­ned the hou­se to them.

The bi­r­ders felt pri­vi­le­ged to be a­ble to use the hou­se and ad­mi­re the his­to­ric ar­chi­tec­tu­re and ex­cel­lent re­sto­ra­ti­on do­ne by the Min­naars.

The bi­r­ders then wal­ked from the hou­se to the ri­ver and fol­lo­wed the rai­l­way li­ne in both di­recti­ons, spot­ting ty­pi­cal­ly Ka­roo bi­rds al­ong the way and a tor­toi­se ba­lan­cing on the rail, trying to cross it!

Pa­ra­di­se fly­ca­t­chers sho­wed them­sel­ves so cle­ar­ly and the Die­de­rik cuckoo cal­led. Pe­ar­l­bre­as­ted and Gre­a­ter S­tri­ped S­wal­lows we­re seen flying ne­ar the hou­se.

A braai brunch was en­joy­ed un­der the trees in the gar­den and Wil­li­am Luck­hoff shared sto­ries of vi­si­ting the farm with his grand­fat­her w­hen he was young.

Of in­te­rest was the gra­vey­ard, ne­at­ly kept with mos­t­ly Fer­rei­ra fa­mi­ly gra­ves, and an old gra­vey­ard ne­ar the rai­l­way li­ne which Luck­hoff said had gra­ves of wor­kers on the li­ne who died in the Gre­at ‘Flu e­pi­de­mic.

“Uit Hom en deur Hom en tot Hom is al­le din­ge. Sy­ne is die heer­lik­heid tot in e­wig­heid. A­men ” - Ro­mei­ne 11:36

God is die Oor­sprong van al­les, die On­der­hou­er van al­les en die Re­de vir al­les. Hy het al­les ge­ska­pe om Hom te dien en te eer (Jes 48:11). Dit is hoe­kom ons ook in al­les aan God al­leen die eer moet gee.

Sy heer­lik­heid en ma­je­steit is on­be­gryp­lik. God is on­ein­dig heer­lik!

Maar wat be­te­ken “aan God al­leen die eer”? Hoe doen ‘n mens dit? Wel, “aan God al­leen die eer” is eint­lik in die eer­ste plek nie nood­wen­dig iets wat jy doen nie, dit is ‘n feit. Dat God ge-eer moet word is ‘n feit. Hy deel nie Sy eer uit nie, Hy doen wat Hy wil en al­les wat Hy doen, doen Hy om Hom te eer. Wan­neer ons le­we van­uit die er­ken­ning en die be­ly­de­nis dat God al­le eer toe­kom en dat Hy heer­lik is, dan kan ons ook ver­der gaan en ons daag­lik­se le­we so in­rig om al­les so te doen, dat Hy daar­in en daar­uit die eer ont­vang.

Om God te eer, be­te­ken ons re­flek­teer Sy eer te­rug na Hom.

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