Lo­cal cho­sen for in­ter­na­ti­o­nal chefs’ o­lym­pi­ad

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Beth Be­zui­den­houdt and her Prof­con Re­sort men­tor El­na Blom.

GRAAFF-REINET — Beth Be­zui­den­houdt from Graaff-reinet is cur­rent­ly stu­dying for a di­plo­ma in cu­li­na­ry arts at the South A­fri­can A­ca­de­my of Cu­li­na­ry Arts (SAACA) in Port E­li­za­beth.

SACCA has been in­vi­ted to send one stu­dent to the an­nu­al in­ter­na­ti­o­nal Young C­hef O­lym­pi­ad, and Beth has been in­vi­ted to join mo­re than 50 stu­dent chefs from a­round the wor­ld to com­pe­te in the O­lym­pi­ad in In­dia e­ar­ly next y­e­ar.

Beth was se­lected to ta­ke part in the com­pe­ti­ti­on by her lec­tu­rer, c­hef Ralph Gott­schalk, who foun­ded SACCA with his wi­fe C­her­i­lyn fi­ve y­e­ars ago.

She is the A­ca­de­my’s top stu­dent this y­e­ar, ba­sed on as­ses­sments through the y­e­ar.

The com­pe­ti­ti­on will con­sist of four rounds, e­ach of which will ta­ke pla­ce in a dif­fe­rent ci­ty in In­dia. The vi­sits to New Del­hi, Kol­ka­ta, Ban­ga­lo­re and Pu­ne pro­mi­se to be a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce on their own, wit­hout the ad­ded ex­ci­te­ment of the com­pe­ti­ti­on!

Beth, w­ho­se pa­rents Fa­nie and Le­an­ne own and run the Prof­con Re­sort in Graaff-reinet, ma­tri­cu­la­ted at Ho­ër Volk­skool in 2012 and then spent a gap y­e­ar tra­vel­ling o­ver­se­as. One of the t­hings she most en­joy­ed was ex­pe­rien­cing the dif­fe­rent cui­si­nes from a­round the wor­ld, and it was this, as well as her ex­pe­rien­ce of wor­king at Prof­con, that s­par­ked her in­te­rest in be­co­ming a c­hef.

P­ri­or to em­bar­king on her cur­rent stu­dies, she com­ple­ted a three-y­e­ar de­gree at w­hat was then NMMU in Port E­li­za­beth in Lan­gua­ges and Bu­si­ness.

Beth en­joys a chal­len­ge in the kit­chen, and par­ti­cu­lar­ly en­joys the pre­sen­ta­ti­on as­pect of her work. Ma­king fresh egg pas­ta from scra­tch is al­so a fa­vou­ri­te. W­hen as­ked a­bout the as­pect of her work that she le­ast en­joys, she very quick­ly re­spon­ded with “wa­shing up and cle­a­ring up”! E­ven though on­ce she is run­ning her own kit­chen, she will ha­ve staff to do this, she feels that it is very im­por­tant to set a good ex­am­ple by cle­a­ning up af­ter her­self.

Af­ter com­ple­ti­on of her cour­se in Fe­bru­a­ry next y­e­ar, she will be re­tur­ning to Graaff-reinet, w­he­re she will be ta­king o­ver the kit­chen and ca­te­ring si­de of Prof­con.

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