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GRAAFF-REINET — The­re was a won­der­ful­ly hap­py and ex­ci­ted buzz at the St Ja­mes Chris­t­mas Fair last Sa­tur­day, with a wi­de ran­ge of goods on of­fer.

The glorious tem­pe­ra­te sun­ny day and the per­fect set­ting of the church and rec­to­ry gar­dens com­bi­ned to en­ti­ce ma­ny vi­si­tors, who we­re not di­sap­poin­ted.

Or­ga­ni­sers Fe­li­ci­ty Min­naar and Y­vet­te Hol­mes we­re de­lig­h­ted with the won­der­ful pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the stalls, with ma­ny sel­lers going to a gre­at de­al of trou­ble to dis­play their wa­res with flair and

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