Cam­de­boo En­vi­ron­men­tal Mo­ni­tors ho­nou­red

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E­ach y­e­ar, South A­fri­can Na­ti­o­nal Parks (San­parks) ho­nours the coun­try’s top per­for­mers in the field of con­ser­va­ti­on at its an­nu­al Ku­du A­wards e­ve­ning. Last week's 13th an­nu­al e­vent, at the CSIR In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Con­ven­ti­on Cen­t­re in P­re­to­ria, was no dif­fe­rent. Cam­de­boo Na­ti­o­nal Park’s ni­ne En­vi­ron­men­tal Mo­ni­tors, led by Ser­ge­ant Ja­mes Maar­man, re­cei­ved the CEO’S A­ward for Best Per­for­ming Ran­ger Post of the Y­e­ar, af­ter their re­gi­o­nal win in the sa­me ca­te­go­ry in Au­gust. Sin­ce their ap­point­ment, the te­am has been cre­di­ted with practi­cal­ly e­ra­di­ca­ting any in­ci­dents of il­le­gal acti­vi­ties within the Park’s bor­ders. For­mer Park Ma­na­ger, Nick de Goe­de, said “Alt­hough the te­am mem­bers li­ve in and work un­der ex­tre­me con­di­ti­ons, they ne­ver com­plain and al­ways stri­ve to gi­ve of their best. They are pas­si­o­na­te a­bout the en­vi­ron­ment and their jobs, so­meti­mes wor­king 18 hour days wit­hout com­plaint – a true ex­am­ple of po­si­ti­ve work e­thic.” Be­fo­re their ap­point­ment, Cam­de­boo was kno­wn as a cri­me hots­pot with lots of il­le­gal acti­vi­ties such as po­a­ching, fen­ce ste­a­ling and cut­ting, wood col­lecti­on and il­le­gal fis­hing. The En­vi­ron­men­tal Mo­ni­tors, ap­poin­ted from K­wa­zu­lu-na­tal and M­pu­ma­lan­ga, ha­ve go­ne from strength to strength o­ver the past two y­e­ars and ha­ve ma­na­ged to put the bra­kes on all il­le­gal acti­vi­ties occur­ring in the Park. “They ha­ve ne­ver on­ce com­plai­ned a­bout their ex­tre­me li­ving con­di­ti­ons in the field, e­ven ta­king in con­si­de­ra­ti­on that in sum­mer tem­pe­ra­tu­res re­ach a­bout 47 de­grees C and in win­ter do­wn to -9°C,” said de Goe­de. They guard the Park’s new fen­ce li­ne 24 hours a day. They are ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly pas­si­o­na­te a­bout their job and I am o­ver­joy­ed that they ha­ve re­cei­ved the re­cog­ni­ti­on, con­clu­ded de Goe­de. TEL: 049 892 2061 / 892 2260 FAX: 049 892 2265 / 086 549 7992 CELL: 082 875 3704 / 082 606 4010 082 870 2960 (af­ter hours) pe­trus@n1con­structi­ PO Box / Pos­bus 633 Graaff-reinet, 6280

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