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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The Ma­yor of the Dr Bey­ers Nau­dé Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, Cl­lr De­on de Vos, star­ted last week with a ro­ads­how du­ring which he in­tro­du­ced the top ma­na­ge­ment of the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty.

The ro­ads­how com­men­ced in Nieu-bet­hes­da, and en­ded this week in the Hor­ses­hoe a­rea of Graaff-rei­net.

The Ma­yor ex­plai­ned the cur­rent fi­nan­ci­al si­tu­a­ti­on of the Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, w­hi­le al­so as­su­ring the com­mu­ni­ty that the ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on, as well as the po­li­ti­cal le­a­ders­hip, are still fo­cu­sed on ma­king DBNLM the be­st mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty in the Eas­tern Ca­pe pro­vin­ce.

“The or­ga­no­gram has been ap­pro­ved by Coun­cil,” he ex­plai­ned to the com­mu­ni­ty.

“We are now in the pro­cess of per­for­ming a skills au­dit as well as pla­cing qua­li­fied em­ploy­ees. My stan­ce is this: if you are not qua­li­fied for the du­ties as­sig­ned to you, or if you do not per­form the du­ties, you must le­a­ve. The­re are ma­ny he­re in the com­mu­ni­ty who are qua­li­fied and who want to work.”

Cl­lr De Vos in­tro­du­ced Dr Ed­die Rankwa­na, the mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger, Mr Si­z­we M­vu­nel­wa, the Di­rec­tor: Com­mu­ni­ty Ser­vi­ces and Ms He­leen Na­gel, the C­hief Fi­nan­ci­al Of­fi­cer.

He al­so in­tro­du­ced I­vor Ber­ring­ton (Di­rec­tor: En­gi­neer­ing and Plan­ning) as well as Ja­ma Vu­ma­zon­ke, who acted as mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger until Dr Rankwa­na’s ap­point­ment on Sep­tem­ber 1, 2017.

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