All the cri­mes lo­cal po­li­ce ha­ve been wor­king on this week...

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GRAAFFREINET — The re­por­ting pe­ri­od of No­vem­ber 27 to De­cem­ber 4 pro­du­ced a cock­tail of cri­mes in Graaffreinet re­ports po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son, W/O Ger­rie van Rooy­en. Bur­gla­ries con­ti­nue to top the stats with a to­tal of eig­ht ca­ses re­por­ted du­ring the week. Re­si­den­ti­al bre­a­kinns we­re re­por­ted at Rei­net Park, Cy­press Gro­ve, O­li­vier Dip­pe­naar S­treet, S­no­w­drop S­treet and Pant­sy S­treet w­hi­le bu­si­nes­ses re­por­ted the sa­me at K­wik­ka Lik­ka in Mar­ket S­qua­re and Mal­va S­treet in San­ta­vil­le. T­heft out of mo­tor vehi­cles re­mains a pro­blem with in­ci­dents re­por­ted in U­ma­si­zak­he, Vink S­treet in Kroon­va­le and Dal­hia S­treet in the sa­me a­rea.

On Mon­day, No­vem­ber 27, at a sus­pect was ar­res­ted in Plas­ket S­treet for being in pos­ses­si­on of ar­ti­cles re­a­so­na­bly thoug­ht to be u­sed for bre­a­king in­to a hou­se or vehi­cle.

It was a bad week for drunk dri­vers as no less than four sus­pects we­re bag­ged for dri­ving w­hi­le un­der the in­flu­en­ce of al­co­hol.

Mar­vin Lot­te­ring was ar­res­ted in Ca­le­don S­treet on De­cem­ber 1, An­che­bo Me­he­bo on De­cem­ber 2 in C­hurch S­treet and Ra­y­waan van Rens­burg al­so in C­hurch S­treet on Sun­day, De­cem­ber 3.

A pe­de­stri­an was se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red af­ter he was hit by a re­ver­sing vehi­cle in Main Ro­ad, U­ma­si­zak­he, on Sun­day, De­cem­ber 3.

The dri­ver, C­har­lie Ti­ni was ar­res­ted on char­ges of Reckless and Drunk Dri­ving and al­so ap­pea­red in the lo­cal Ma­gi­stra­tes’ Court on Mon­day, De­cem­ber 4.

On Sa­tur­day e­ve­ning, De­cem­ber 2, the 30-y­e­ar-old I­van Ma­fi­keng succum­bed to in­ju­ries he sus­tai­ned af­ter he was stab­bed with a kni­fe du­ring a quar­rel in A­ne­moon S­treet in As­her­vil­le.

The sus­pect, Alf­re­do A­fri­ka, was ar­res­ted and ap­pea­red in court on Mon­day, De­cem­ber 4.

An in­quest doc­ket was re­gis­te­red af­ter a 24-y­e­ar-old man was found han­ged in his re­si­den­ce at Hen­ry S­treet in U­ma­si­zak­he on Sun­day mor­ning, De­cem­ber 3.

No foul play is sus­pected.

A ca­se of S­tock T­heft was re­por­ted af­ter a go­at was found to ha­ve been slaug­h­te­red in Ge­luks­dal in As­her­vil­le. A si­mi­lar in­ci­dent occur­red in Nieu-bet­hes­da af­ter two sheep we­re found slaug­h­te­red at Lek­oog on F­ri­day, De­cem­ber 1.

W/O van Rooy­en on­ce a­gain cal­led upon re­si­dents to stay vi­gi­lant o­ver the fes­ti­ve se­a­son and to re­port any sus­pi­ci­ous in­ci­dents to the po­li­ce.

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