Bi­r­ders re­cord 50 spe­cies du­ring their ou­ting to Qu­ag­gas­vlei

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — The Graaffreinet Bi­rd Club left town at 05:00 on Sa­tur­day mor­ning, De­cem­ber 2, to vi­sit the farm Qu­ag­gas­vlei.

The e­ar­ly mor­ning start ga­ve the bi­r­ders plen­ty of ti­me for a walk a­round the Qu­ag­gas­vlei ho­mes­te­ad and to en­joy a two-hour dri­ve through the veld.

The­re are u­su­al­ly al­ways mo­re bi­rds a­round a ho­mes­te­ad due to the a­bun­dan­ce of food and wa­ter and in this ca­se, it was very no­ti­ce­a­ble with 47 spe­cies re­cor­ded a­round the ho­mes­te­ad and on­ly three new on­es ad­ded on the dri­ve by the bi­r­ders.

Qu­ag­gas­vlei is high coun­try with a mix­tu­re of grass and Ka­roo.

It is i­de­al ha­bi­tat for G­rey-win­ged Fran­co­lin and the bi­r­ders he­ard them ne­ar the hou­se. Ot­her ni­ce sig­htings we­re Lud­wig’s Bus­tard, Sickle-win­ged C­hat, Lar­ge-bil­led Lark and Ja­co­bin Cuckoo. The Club ex­tends a word of thanks to their hos­ts Da­vid and Ma­ry­ke S­tern. Alt­hough Da­vid was she­a­ring, he ma­de ti­me to tell the bi­r­ders a­bout the his­to­ry of the farm and a­bout his s­tock far­ming o­pe­ra­ti­on.

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