The Li­ve Mu­sic & Food Be­gins at GEORG!

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Wel­co­me to Sound­mouth, a week­ly Aberdeen mu­sic co­lumn a­bout w­hat has hap­pe­ned and is a­bout to hap­pen at GEORG - The Ka­roo’s on­ly Li­ve Mu­sic & Di­ning ve­nue. You ne­ver know who you are going to meet at GEORG. Wal­ly, Doz­za & Ar­chie of A-W-D Jazz T­rio with spe­ci­al gu­est, Mi­chel­le Bo­tes. With all se­ats book­ed, GEORG success­ful­ly o­pe­ned its doors to the de­lig­ht of Aberdeen and Graaff-rei­net lo­cals, and of spe­ci­al gue­sts who ca­me from as far as Jo­han­nes­burg and Knys­na. With de­li­ci­ous fin­ger-foods and li­quid re­freshments on tap, A-D-W Jazz T­rio kic­ked off the e­vent with a gent­le jazz at­mos­p­he­re. Af­ter din­ner ho­we­ver, the di­ners spon­ta­ne­ous­ly re­spon­ded with ju­bi­lant dan­cing to the band’s tip­ping of their hat to Sip­ho ‘Hot­stix’ Ma­bu­se, Ba­sil ‘Ma­nen­berg’ Coet­zee and ot­her South A­fri­can mu­si­cal gre­ats. (Yes, we lo­ve our own mu­sic!) The e­ve­ning ca­me to a c­lo­se with a 40-mi­nu­te set of son­gs from sul­try rock and dan­ce­hall t­rio, Salt, in­clu­ding clas­si­cs by Bob Dy­lan, The A­ni­mals and Bob Mar­ley. Salt will be playing e­very Wed­nes­day and F­ri­day nig­ht. The A-D-W T­rio will re­turn from their Jo­han­nes­burg da­tes in two weeks to play a Sa­tur­day or Sun­day all-af­ter­noon con­cert in GEORG’S la­ven­der Clas­si­cal guit­ar with

Ross M­clen­nan.

A-D-W Jazz T­rio are a­way this week. Mys­te­ry gu­est?

Salt Salt re­he­ar­ses new ma­te­ri­al [re­la­ti­ve­ly qui­et­ly] li­ve w­hi­le you di­ne. O­pen mic/a­cou­stic per­for­man­ces. Salt.

Clas­si­cal Mu­sic – Guit­ar Vir­tu­o­so Paul Heid­ler in Con­cert. (Co­ver: R100.00) Guit­ar Vir­tu­o­sos Paul Heid­ler in Con­cert (Co­ver: R100.00)


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