New y­e­ar, new na­me for gar­de­ning club

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A­BER­DEEN — The first meet­ing of A­ber­deen’s Gar­den Club for 2018 was held last week at the ho­me of Da­vid Mil­lar.

The meet­ing was main­ly a plan­ning meet­ing for the y­e­ar, com­bi­ned with a so­ci­al gat­her­ing.

Past chair­man, Ja­d­re La­te­gan, has step­ped do­wn due to per­so­nal re­a­sons and lack of ti­me, and Estel­le van Wyk has kind­ly agreed to ta­ke o­ver for t­his y­e­ar, with the help of Da­vid Mil­lar and Me­re­dith Kraut.

At the meet­ing, La­te­gan was than­ked sin­ce­re­ly for all she has do­ne o­ver the past two y­e­ars. Ar­ran­ging ve­nues and ti­mes for vi­sits, as well as keeping con­tact with mem­bers, is a very ti­me-con­su­ming job, and with the cur­rent droug­ht, La­te­gan finds she is too bu­sy on the farm to be a­ble to com­mit to Gar­den Club for t­his y­e­ar.

The mem­bers­hip fees for t­his y­e­ar will re­main un­chan­ged, at R75 per per­son. A do­na­ti­on is ma­de e­very month for tea, and mem­bers we­re The plan­ning meet­ing. as­ked to be ge­ne­rous w­hen it is their turn to pro­vi­de e­ats!

Each mem­ber was as­ked to wri­te do­wn their sug­ges­ti­ons for ve­nues for the co­ming y­e­ar, and so­me very in­te­res­ting i­de­as we­re re­cei­ved. A pro­vi­si­o­nal pro­gram­me for the y­e­ar will be fi­na­li­sed du­ring the co­ming week and will be ma­de a­vai­la­ble to mem­bers short­ly.

In re­spon­se to ma­ny re­que­sts, the na­me of the club has been chan­ged to A­ber­deen Gar­den and So­ci­al Club. It is felt that t­his mo­re accu­ra­te­ly re­flects the cur­rent in­te­re­sts and functi­ons of the club.

Mem­bers ex­pres­sed in­te­rest in meet­ings co­ve­ring a va­ri­e­ty of in­te­re­sts and acti­vi­ties, co­ve­ring li­fe­sty­le, ho­me, hob­bies and so­ci­a­li­sing as well as gar­de­ning.

The first ou­ting of the y­e­ar will be on T­hurs­day 8th Fe­bru­a­ry, w­hen t­ho­se in­te­rested will be he­a­ding to K­rie­gers­hoek Pri­va­te Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve for a pi­cnic and ga­me dri­ve.

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