12th Nor­man­dy S­tud Production Sa­le a success

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GRAAFF-REI­NET — At the Nor­man­dy Dohne S­tud’s an­nu­al Production Sa­le held at Grass­da­le on Tu­es­day, Fe­bru­a­ry 6, the­re was a 100% cle­a­ran­ce of 62 rams and 251 e­wes.

The rams sold at an a­vera­ge pri­ce of R10 358 - they we­re of an e­ven ty­pe: well struc­tu­red, with me­a­ty car­cas­ses, and well-de­fi­ned e­ven­crim­ping wool.

The top-ten ram pri­ces we­re as fol­lows: R21 000 to NWP S­cott, Tar­ka­stad.

R18 500 to KP Mi­les and Son, Dor­drecht. R18 000 to Les­fon­tein Boer­de­ry, Hof­meyr. R18 000 to S­tern Fa­mi­ly Trust, Graaff-rei­net. R17 750 to Kot­ze Vaal­vlei Boer­de­ry, Mor­rees­burg.

R16 000 to the sa­me buy­er.

R15 500 to Hat­hersa­ge Farms, Mid­del­burg. R15 250 to Wa­ter­fall Far­ming, S­tut­ter­heim. R15 000 to Carl Mi­les, Dor­drecht.

R15 000 to S­tern Fa­mi­ly Trust, Graaff-rei­net.

The e­wes, in­clu­si­ve of so­me of­fe­red by guest sel­ler De Nek Lots, all chan­ged hands at an a­vera­ge of R2 133.

A­part from a lar­ge con­tin­gent of lo­cal buy­ers, sheep al­so went to Ad­do, Ce­res, Fish Ri­ver, Gra­ham­stown, Hu­mans­dorp, Mid­del­burg, S­mit­hfield, So­mer­set East, S­pring­fon­tein and S­teyt­ler­vil­le.

Re­turn buy­ers spo­ke of the im­pro­ving va­lue of lamb pro­ge­ny being pro­du­ced.

T­he­se sheep ma­tu­re e­ar­lier and de­li­ver hig­her me­at yields [slaug­h­ter %].

This has co­me a­bout from the con­sis­tent use of the Fal­kirk In­dex Sy­stem of a­ni­mal se­lecti­on.

The Nor­man­dy Dohne S­tud was the pi­o­neer of u­sing this sy­stem in South A­fri­ca.

Ul­tra-sound scan­ning of the li­ve a­ni­mal is do­ne and then com­bi­ned with as­tu­te hand-eye se­lecti­on. [Ian Walsh, New Ze­a­land].

The Grass­da­le wool clip is highly va­lu­ed, with the en­ti­re flock and s­tud’s mai­den e­wes ha­ving un­der­go­ne fleece-a­na­ly­sis pri­or to se­lecti­on e­ach y­e­ar for o­ver 40 y­e­ars.

The sa­le was held in per­fect con­di­ti­ons in the beau­ti­ful Grass­da­le gar­den. Re­freshments and snacks we­re pro­vi­ded throug­hout, cul­mi­na­ting in a full lunch pro­vi­ded by Liz S­tern.

The de la Har­pe’s than­ked the buy­ers and vi­si­tors for their at­ten­dan­ce and pur­cha­ses. Par­ti­cu­lar­ly Hob­son and Co we­re men­ti­o­ned for ha­ving broug­ht ent­hu­si­asm and in­no­va­ti­on to the sa­le.

Aucti­o­neer Brandon Le­ar did an out­stan­ding job.

Brandon Le­ar (aucti­o­neer) with G Ti­tus, Li­o­nel and Je­an de la Har­pe and A Ma­la with Lot 70, sold for R21 000.

Brandon Le­ar (aucti­o­neer) and Paul Hob­son with Lot 53 sold for R18 000 to Les­fon­tein Boer­de­ry.

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