R3.00 Wild­li­fe in snow a wor­ld­wi­de hit

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

Graaff-rei­net ex­pe­rien­ced a spel­l­bin­ding bout of snow this past wee­kend.

Pe­op­le from far and wi­de tra­vel­led to mar­vel at the snow which had co­ve­r­ed the town's sur­roun­dings in whi­te and had fal­len as ne­ar as 15 ki­lo­me­tres from the town.

In a ra­re occur­ren­ce, e­ven the Val­ley of De­so­la­ti­on re­cei­ved a lig­ht dus­ting of snow.

Alt­hough ma­ny pho­tos of re­si­dents and vi­si­tors playing in the snow we­re pos­ted to so­ci­al me­dia this wee­kend, it was that of lo­cal wild­li­fe that ma­de in­ter­na­ti­o­nal he­ad­li­nes af­ter Kit­ty Vil­joen's pho­to­grap­hs of a herd of e­lep­hants and two gi­raf­fes en­joying the snow, swept a­cross so­ci­al me­dia.

The BBC, the New York Post, Sky News as well as the E­ve­ning Stan­dard in the U­ni­ted King­dom re­por­ted on the­se bre­at­hta­king i­ma­ges, which we­re cap­tu­red by Kit­ty on the A­san­tesa­na Pri­va­te Ga­me Re­ser­ve in the S­neeu­berg Moun­tains ne­ar Graaff-rei­net on Sa­tur­day af­ter­noon.

Ac­cor­ding to Kit­ty, the last ti­me the re­ser­ve has seen snow to this ex­tent was in 2010.

“I ha­ve been a­ma­zed by the in­te­rest in the­se pho­tos," said Kit­ty.

"Alt­hough the pu­blic mig­ht not be u­sed to seeing pho­tos of gi­raf­fes amid the snow, the a­ni­mals are qui­te u­sed to ex­tre­me we­at­her con­di­ti­ons. Tem­pe­ra­tu­res at the re­ser­ve drop to be­low -5 de­grees cel­ci­us and go up to 40 de­grees. The tem­pe­ra­tu­re at the ti­me of the snow was 3 de­grees."

"I ho­pe the­se pho­tos en­coura­ge pe­op­le to vi­sit the Eas­tern Ca­pe and the Graaff-rei­net a­rea in par­ti­cu­lar,"con­clu­ded Kit­ty. A herd of e­lep­hants seen in the snow on a pri­va­te ga­me re­ser­ve ne­ar Graaff-rei­net. Two gi­raf­fes cap­tu­red in the snow. Pho­tos: Kit­ty Vil­joen

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