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On­ly three ca­ses of no­te we­re o­pe­ned in Graaff­rei­net in the last week, all re­la­ting to loss of property.

The first ca­se con­cerns an in­ci­dent which hap­pe­ned in West S­treet be­t­ween 19:30 on 5 Sep­tem­ber and 08:10 the next mor­ning.

The com­plai­nant al­le­ges that he par­ked his vehi­cle on the e­ve­ning of 5th Sep­tem­ber and went in­si­de a shop to buy so­me i­tems. The­re­af­ter he went ho­me and e­ver­y­thing was still in or­der.

The fol­lo­wing day he no­ti­ced that one of his vehi­cle’s win­dows was bro­ken and a ste­plad­der, cord­less drill, tools and ot­her i­tems we­re mis­sing. The to­tal va­lue is of the sto­len goods is R30 000.

A ca­se of theft out of mo­tor vehi­cle was o­pe­ned. The ot­her two ca­ses are of re­si­den­ti­al burglary.

The first occur­red at a­bout 14:30 on 6 Sep­tem­ber in Cy­press Gro­ve. The com­plai­nant al­le­ges that two unkno­wn men went in­to his ga­ra­ge and sto­le fen­cing, tool boxes, ham­mers, a steel box, and a drill kit to the va­lue of R5 000.

The com­plai­nant tried to cha­se the sus­pects, but he was not fast e­nough to ca­tch them.

The se­cond re­si­den­ti­al burglary took pla­ce be­t­ween 18:00 and 22:30 on 8 Sep­tem­ber in Lie­ben­berg S­treet. Ac­cor­ding to the com­plai­nant, he was at­ten­ding a functi­on and w­hen he re­tur­ned ho­me, he found a win­dow had been bro­ken to gain en­try in­to his hou­se. Upon in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on, it was found that je­wel­le­ry, cash, as well as a 9mm hand­gun had been sto­len. The va­lue of i­tems a­mounts to R7 000. In all three of the­se ca­ses, the sus­pects are unkno­wn, and the ca­ses are still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

One furt­her ca­se of no­te was re­por­ted from Wil­low­mo­re.

The in­ci­dent took pla­ce on 3 Sep­tem­ber at a­bout 03:00 at the MTN si­te at Suur­berg, Wil­low­mo­re.

The com­plai­nant was in­for­med that the­re had been a bre­ak-in at the MTN si­te, which is se­cu­red with wi­red fen­cing. The si­te’s ga­te was loc­ked with a pad­lock, and the­re we­re no signs of for­ced en­try.

The con­tai­ner which holds the bat­te­ry ca­bi­net and bat­te­ries was clo­sed, but not loc­ked. Upon in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on, it was found that the bat­te­ry ca­bi­net had been for­ced o­pen and eig­ht ACME-T 12 volt bat­te­ries we­re ta­ken from the ca­bi­net. The bat­te­ry ter­mi­nal co­vers we­re laying on the ground and the fee­der ca­bles cut, but not sto­len. The mag­ne­tic door a­larm and the pas­si­ve a­larm we­re bro­ken.

The va­lue of the mis­sing bat­te­ries is R40 000.

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