Fi­re­si­de quar­rel ends in tra­ge­dy for two farm wor­kers

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

An ar­gu­ment on Sun­day be­t­ween two wor­kers on the farm Brak­fon­tein, on the N9 ne­ar Wil­low­mo­re, en­ded in tra­ge­dy.

The ar­gu­ment be­t­ween the two men bro­ke out at a­bout 07:30 in the mor­ning, w­hen a group of wor­kers we­re sit­ting a­round a fi­re. Lo­cal po­li­ce re­cei­ved a com­plaint that a per­son had been in­ju­red by a sto­ne that had been thro­wn at him, and they went to the farm to in­ves­ti­ga­te. Du­ring the cour­se of in­ter­vie­wing of wit­nes­ses, it ca­me to lig­ht that the victim had in fact been shot with a fi­re­arm.

Al­le­ge­d­ly the man who shot the victim had had a fi­re­arm in his lap, and a wit­ness who left the group to go in­si­de his ho­me said that he he­ard a guns­hot. W­hen he went to see w­hat had hap­pe­ned, he found the victim hol­ding his he­ad, with b­lood flo­wing do­wn his fa­ce.

The 45-y­e­ar-old man had sus­tai­ned a flesh wound to the rig­ht si­de of his fo­re­he­ad, and had been ta­ken to the lo­cal hos­pi­tal w­he­re he was tre­a­ted and la­ter dis­char­ged.

The man with the fi­re­arm was no lon­ger on the sce­ne, and a mes­sa­ge was sent to a far­mers’ a­lert W­hat­sapp group that an ar­med sus­pect was on the loo­se, and had been seen on foot he­a­ding to­wards A­ber­deen, w­he­re his gi­r­lf­riend li­ves.

A de­tailed des­crip­ti­on of the man, in­clu­ding the clo­thing he was we­a­ring at the ti­me, was in­clu­ded. As of­ten hap­pens with so­ci­al me­dia, this mes­sa­ge was then shared a­gain, in­clu­ding to an A­ber­deen town group.

Tho­se li­ving ne­ar the gi­r­lf­riend’s hou­se we­re un­der­stan­da­bly ner­vous. Be­fo­re long, A­ber­deen S­ta­ti­on Com­man­der, Cap­tain Qas­ha­ni, than­ked the mem­bers on the group for their con­cern and coope­ra­ti­on, and was a­ble to con­firm that the­re was no lon­ger any thre­at to the com­mu­ni­ty.

The sus­pect, 38-y­e­ar-old Je­ro­me Je­ro­me Do­min­go

Do­min­go, had been found de­ad on Brak­fon­tein farm. It would ap­pear that he shot and kil­led him­self with the sa­me fi­re­arm u­sed in the at­tack.

A ca­se of attempted mur­der and sui­ci­de has been o­pe­ned by the Wil­low­mo­re po­li­ce.

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