Pre­si­dent of A­gri EC sheds lig­ht on land de­bate

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

Du­ring the Graaff-rei­net C­ham­ber of Com­mer­ce's most re­cent net­wor­king e­ve­ning, mem­bers we­re ad­dres­sed by Doug S­tern, Pre­si­dent of A­gri EC.

S­tern spo­ke at length a­bout the la­test de­ve­lop­ments re­gar­ding the land de­bate and the dif­fe­rent si­des the­re­of.

Du­ring his very in­for­ma­ti­ve pre­sen­ta­ti­on on a very hot to­pic, S­tern tou­ched on va­ri­ous is­su­es, such as the coun­try's 'Zu­ma Y­e­ars' du­ring which he ex­plai­ned the cost to the coun­try and the af­ter­math that the coun­try now fa­ces as a re­sult of the y­e­ars Ja­cob Zu­ma spent in po­wer.

He con­ti­nu­ed the dis­cus­si­on by bro­a­ching the sub­ject of the new pre­si­dent Cy­ril Ra­map­ho­sa and his stan­ce on the land de­bate, af­ter which he shared A­gri SA'S view on the mat­ter.

S­tern furt­her dis­cus­sed the to­pi­cs of 'land dis­tri­bu­ti­on', 'ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on' and the 'ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on pro­cess' in depth to the mem­bers gi­ving them a cle­a­rer un­der­stan­ding of e­ver­y­thing it en­tails.

In con­clu­si­on, so­me in­te­res­ting facts Doug S­tern re­cent­ly spo­ke to the mem­bers of the lo­cal C­ham­ber of Com­mer­ce a­bout the land de­bate. a­bout the is­sue was shared by S­tern with the mem­bers. The e­ve­ning saw ma­ny que­s­ti­ons had by the lo­cal C­ham­ber's mem­bers ans­we­red by S­tern and all who at­ten­ded con­si­de­red it a very in­for­ma­ti­ve e­ve­ning.

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