Ca­len­dar P­ho­to­grap­hy Com­pe­ti­ti­on’s de­ad­li­ne ex­ten­ded

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Ni­co­la Bel­don, or­ga­ni­ser of the po­pu­lar Graaff-rei­net Ca­len­dar P­ho­to­grap­hy Com­pe­ti­ti­on, has re­cei­ved so­me won­der­ful pho­tos of snow sce­nes af­ter the re­cent win­te­ry we­at­her in the a­rea.

She has de­ci­ded to ex­tend the de­ad­li­ne of the com­pe­ti­ti­on by a week, until 8 Oc­to­ber, to al­low pe­op­le ti­me to cap­tu­re so­me i­ma­ges of spring, with ne­w­born a­ni­mals and spring flo­wers. This will al­so gi­ve ti­me for en­trants to choo­se their fa­vou­ri­te pho­tos from the Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val to sub­mit. “As this is the last y­e­ar of the fe­s­ti­val, it would be fit­ting to pay tri­bu­te to ten won­der­ful y­e­ars with a p­ho­to or two in the ca­len­dar,” said Bel­don.

So far, the­re ha­ve on­ly been a hand­ful of en­tries from child­ren, and this ex­ten­ded de­ad­li­ne will al­low for young pho­to­grap­hers to ex­plo­re and snap so­me of their fa­vou­ri­te sce­nes du­ring the s­chool ho­li­day.

So­me beau­ti­ful en­tries ha­ve been re­cei­ved so far.

A won­der­ful p­ho­to of the snow sub­mit­ted for the com­pe­ti­ti­on.

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