7 Lo­cal col­le­ge ce­le­bra­tes stu­dents’ succes­ses

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The Eas­t­ca­pe Mid­lands TVET Col­le­ge in Graaff-rei­net re­cent­ly ce­le­bra­ted the succes­ses of its stu­dents with a di­plo­ma ce­re­mo­ny, held at the SAPS Trai­ning A­ca­de­my.

The ce­re­mo­ny fe­a­tu­red a num­ber of ex­it­le­vel stu­dents obtai­ning their qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons for the a­ca­de­mic y­e­ar 2017.

O­ver 200 pe­op­le, fa­mi­ly, VIP gue­sts, re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves from in­du­stry, s­chool prin­ci­pals and s­taff at­ten­ded the ce­re­mo­ny.

T­hir­ty-one stu­dents from the S­chool of Bu­si­ness we­re a­war­ded their Na­ti­o­nal N Di­plo­mas. Ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 18 cer­ti­fi­ca­tes we­re a­war­ded in the S­chool of Arts and So­ci­al S­cien­ces for the Sa­fe­ty in So­cie­ty pro­gram­me. Stu­dents who ha­ve not yet com­ple­ted their practi­cal trai­ning for their Na­ti­o­nal N Di­plo­ma we­re al­so a­war­ded cer­ti­fi­ca­tes for N6 for Bu­si­ness Ma­na­ge­ment, Ma­na­ge­ment As­sis­tant and Hu­man Re­sour­ces Ma­na­ge­ment.

In the words of the Col­le­ge's p­rin­ci­pal, C­harl van Heer­den “A gra­du­a­ti­on is the re­sult and out­co­me of hard work and de­di­ca­ti­on. A mi­les­to­ne in the li­fe of a stu­dent, if you are he­re to­day, you de­mon­stra­ted that you are not the kind of per­son that is going to sit back and let li­fe hap­pen but that you are going to ma­ke it hap­pen! You ha­ve cho­sen to ta­ke char­ge of your des­tiny.”

At this y­e­ar’s di­plo­ma ce­re­mo­ny, the col­le­ge al­so had the gre­at pri­vi­le­ge to ha­ve a for­mer stu­dent as their guest s­pea­ker, Siphi­we Groot­boom who was a­war­ded the Na­ti­o­nal Top A­chie­vers A­ward for Tou­rism in 2016 and was ho­nou­red with a P­rin­ci­pal Me­dal­li­on for out­stan­ding a­ca­de­mic per­for­man­ce. Groot­boom is cur­rent­ly wor­king at The Sout­hern Sun Ca­pe Sun ho­tel in Ca­pe Town as VIP Guest C­ha­pe­ron and Ai­r­li­ne Host.

Lo­rai­ne van Zyl re­cei­ving her Ma­na­ge­ment As­sis­tant Di­plo­ma from the Eas­t­ca­pe Mid­lands TVET Col­le­ge’s p­rin­ci­pal, C­harl van Heer­den.

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