Ho­me for the a­ged do­na­tes to lo­cal cli­nic

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A­BER­DEEN — Whi­le cle­a­ning out so­me sto­re rooms at the Aal­wyn­hof Ho­me for the A­ged re­cent­ly, one of the go­ver­ning bo­dy mem­bers ca­me a­cross so­me di­su­sed w­heel­chairs and crut­ches.

As the e­quip­ment is not being u­sed by Aal­wyn­hof, the go­ver­ning bo­ard de­ci­ded to re­ach out in­to the com­mu­ni­ty and do­na­te it to the Ma­sak­ha­ne Cli­nic in Lo­tus­vil­le.

The fi­ve w­heel­chairs, in­clu­ding one which is ful­ly re­cli­ning, and two pairs of crut­ches, are all in very good con­di­ti­on. Di­a­ne Nel, c­hai­r­per­son of the bo­ard, con­tacted Dr O­li­ve Mul­ler, the cli­nic’s doc­tor, and the cli­nic ma­na­ge­ment, andt­hey we­re all very ex­ci­ted to be of­fe­red the e­quip­ment.

Di­a­ne Nel, Wil­le­mien Ca­ri­ca­to, and Chris­ta van Rens­burg re­pre­sen­ted the Aal­wyn­hof go­ver­nors at a small ce­re­mo­ny re­cent­ly, and Sr Yu­lin­di Le­wies, O­pe­ra­ti­o­nal Ma­na­ger, accep­ted them on be­half of Ma­sak­ha­ne Cli­nic. Dr Mul­ler, who is on­ce a­gain the Aal­wyn­hof go­ver­nors’ “Wo­man of the Y­e­ar”, was un­for­tu­na­te­ly u­na­ble to be pre­sent for the ce­re­mo­ny. The cli­nic ser­ves o­ver 16 000 pa­tients e­very month, from all secti­ons of the A­ber­deen com­mu­ni­ty as well as s­taff from the farms in the a­rea. For el­der­ly and frail pa­tients, just phy­si­cal­ly get­ting to the cli­nic can be a chal­len­ge, and so­me say they are char­ged as much as R40 for a lift in a car or taxi. The cli­nic ma­na­ge­ment plans to gi­ve a w­heel­chair to one or two of the most de­ser­ving ca­ses, and the re­main­der will be sto­red at the cli­nic, to be a­vai­la­ble to trans­port tho­se u­na­ble to walk to the cli­nic for their ap­point­ments. This small ge­stu­re from the Aal­wyn­hof bo­ard will cer­tain­ly ma­ke li­fe a litt­le e­a­sier for so­me of the most vul­ne­ra­ble and needy.

Aal­wyn­hof bo­ard mem­bers with s­taff at the Ma­sak­ha­ne Cli­nic.

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