Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge stops in to­wn

Graaff-Reinet Advertiser - - Voorblad -

The Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge com­pe­ti­tors stop­ped in Graaff-rei­net on Tu­es­day af­ter­noon, 25 Sep­tem­ber. The Ho­ër Volk­skool grounds we­re a­buzz with pe­op­le wan­ting to see the ni­ne te­ams com­pe­ting in t­his y­e­ar’s c­hal­len­ge. The Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge is a bien­ni­al com­pe­ti­ti­on w­he­rein te­ams from a­cross the wor­ld de­sign and build so­lar-po­we­red vehi­cles to dri­ve a­cross South A­fri­ca in an eig­ht-day e­vent. They star­ted on 22 Sep­tem­ber and until Sa­tur­day, 29 Sep­tem­ber, the te­ams tra­vel a­cross the coun­try in a bid to clock up the most dis­tan­ce. The aim is to co­ver the 2 000km rou­te to com­ple­te the ra­ce from P­re­to­ria to Ca­pe To­wn. The cars left Graaff-rei­net a­gain e­ar­ly Wed­nes­day mor­ning to con­ti­nue on their jour­ney. Seen he­re are sis­ters Bea and Rei­ne van Wyk and Ja­ni and El­ri P­re­to­ri­us checking out the odd-look­ing cars. A­ma­zing to think that mil­li­ons of rands are spent on the­se tiny vehi­cles.

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