Nu­me­rous pro­per­ty cri­mes

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The se­ri­ous cri­mes re­por­ted t­his week in Graaff-rei­net are all re­la­ted to pro­per­ty ma­ny of the­se in­vol­ving mo­tor vehi­cles.

Du­ring the nig­ht of 19 Sep­tem­ber, two vehi­cles we­re sto­len from Cra­dock S­treet, and an at­tempt was al­so ma­de to ta­ke one from Mein­tjie S­treet.

In the first in­ci­dent, the o­w­ner par­ked the vehi­cle in the y­ard at 19:00 on 19 Sep­tem­ber. The theft was dis­co­ve­r­ed at 06:45 the next mor­ning w­hen the o­w­ner’s son found that the vehi­cle was mis­sing w­hen he left for s­chool. The va­lue of t­his vehi­cle is R25 000.

The se­cond in­ci­dent, on the sa­me nig­ht, was dis­co­ve­r­ed by the o­w­ner her­self the next mor­ning.

She had ar­ri­ved ho­me at 17:30 and left the car loc­ked out­si­de. W­hen she wo­ke up at 06:30 the next mor­ning, she no­ti­ced that it had been ta­ken. The va­lue of t­his vehi­cle is R75 000. In both ca­ses, the vehi­cles we­re re­co­ve­r­ed, much to the re­lief of their o­w­ners, alt­hough the­re are no kno­wn sus­pects at t­his sta­ge.

So­me­ti­me be­t­ween 09:00 on 19 Sep­tem­ber and 05:50 the next mor­ning, so­meo­ne tried to s­te­al a vehi­cle from a pro­per­ty in Mein­tjies S­treet, S­pan­dau­vil­le. The vehi­cle was kept be­hind a loc­ked ga­te.

W­hen the o­w­ner o­pe­ned her cur­tains on F­ri­day mor­ning, she no­ti­ced that the ga­te’s lock was o­pen, and w­hen she went to in­ves­ti­ga­te, she found that the chain and pad­lock we­re mis­sing.

The vehi­cle’s dri­ver’s door stood s­lig­ht­ly o­pen, and the door lock and ig­ni­ti­on both had been da­ma­ged, to the va­lue of R7 000. A ca­se of at­temp­ted theft of mo­tor vehi­cle has been o­pe­ned.

On the sa­me nig­ht, be­t­ween 17:30 and 18:45, clo­thing and a blan­ket, va­lu­ed at R7 000, we­re sto­len from the back of a bak­kie in Lo­wer lo­ca­ti­on, U­ma­si­zak­he. Ac­cor­ding to the o­w­ner of the vehi­cle, she par­ked her vehi­cle in front of the hou­se and loc­ked it. W­hen she went back to her vehi­cle a short w­hi­le la­ter, she found that the ca­nopy had been for­ced o­pen, and the clo­thing and blan­ket we­re mis­sing.

In a short pe­ri­od du­ring the e­ve­ning of 21 Sep­tem­ber, be­t­ween 19:00 and 22:30, two S­cotts moun­tain bi­kes we­re ta­ken from the back of a vehi­cle par­ked in Par­so­na­ge S­treet. It ap­pears that the ro­pes and straps se­cu­ring the bi­kes to the back of the vehi­cle we­re cut loo­se. The va­lue of the two bi­kes is R75 000.

In As­her­vil­le, on the sa­me nig­ht, so­mebo­dy bro­ke in­to the boot of a vehi­cle and sto­le a sub-woof­er and am­pli­fier to the va­lue of R2500. The bre­ak-in occur­red be­t­ween 17:00 on 21 Sep­tem­ber and 09:10 the next mor­ning.

The a­bo­ve ca­ses are all still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

The first in­ci­dent took pla­ce on 22 Sep­tem­ber be­t­ween 01:20 and 06:10 in U­ma­si­zak­he. Ac­cor­ding to the o­w­ner, the front door of the hou­se was for­ced o­pen and for­ced the front door of the re­si­den­ce o­pen to gain en­try. An LG hi-fi to the va­lue of R9 000 was ta­ken.

The se­cond in­ci­dent took pla­ce on the e­ve­ning of the sa­me day, at a­bout 21:20, in Ge­luks­dal. W­hen the com­plai­nant ca­me back to his ho­me, he found the door s­lig­ht­ly a­jar. His gi­r­lf­riend went to check the si­de of the hou­se, and she saw the sus­pect, who is kno­wn to her, run­ning a­way. The com­plai­nant went in­si­de the hou­se and found gro­ce­ries, e­lec­tri­cal wi­re, and a cell pho­ne char­ger mis­sing.

The va­lue of the sto­len i­tems a­mounts to R300. The sus­pect has not yet been ar­res­ted, and the in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on con­ti­nues.

A­not­her re­si­den­ti­al bur­gla­ry took pla­ce at a­bout mid­nig­ht the next day, in U­ma­si­zak­he. The bur­glar door of the hou­se was for­ced o­pen and the door was bro­ken to gain en­try. It is kno­wn that the sus­pect or sus­pects took a te­le­vi­si­on (va­lu­ed at a­bout R2 000), but the com­plai­nant is not su­re w­hat el­se has been ta­ken as he is on­ly look­ing af­ter the hou­se w­hi­le the o­w­ner is out of to­wn.

The­re we­re al­so two ca­ses of rob­be­ry, one in­vol­ving a we­a­pon ot­her than a fi­re­arm. T­his hap­pe­ned on 19 Sep­tem­ber in Chris Ha­ni Vil­la­ge, at 18:00. The sus­pect grab­bed the com­plai­nant and stab­bed him, be­fo­re rob­bing him of cash to the va­lue of R350. The sus­pect is kno­wn but has not yet been ar­res­ted.

The se­cond ca­se re­fer­red to the theft of a cell pho­ne in Ca­le­don S­treet. Two unkno­wn men rob­bed the victim of his pho­ne, worth R1 200, and ran a­way.

Two ca­ses of theft we­re re­por­ted, both in­vol­ving il­le­gal fi­nan­ci­al tran­sacti­ons.

The first ca­se was o­pe­ned af­ter a bank card was u­sed to wit­h­draw mo­ney, wit­hout the o­w­ner’s con­sent.

Ac­cor­ding to the com­plai­nant, the sus­pect (who is kno­wn to him), wit­hdrew mo­ney from Ca­pi­tec Bank in Ca­le­don S­treet on two oc­ca­si­ons, and al­so as­saul­ted him. The wit­h­dra­wals we­re ma­de on 17 Sep­tem­ber at 10:21 and 18 Sep­tem­ber at 09:30. The mo­ney ta­ken u­sing the bank card co­mes to R8 530. The sus­pect is kno­wn but has not yet been ar­res­ted.

Al­so re­por­ted du­ring the past week is an in­ci­dent from 10 Sep­tem­ber, to a re­si­dent of A­den­dorp. Ac­cor­ding to the com­plai­nant, she re­cei­ved a mes­sa­ge re­gar­ding a “tran­sacti­on” that she had sup­po­sed­ly ma­de for pur­cha­sing se­ver­al i­tems to the va­lue of R7489. She knows no­thing of any such tran­sacti­on and has o­pe­ned a ca­se of theft.

The fi­nal ca­se for t­his week is of stock theft be­t­ween 16 and 18 Sep­tem­ber from the farm O­preis­fon­tein. The com­plai­nant sta­ted that a go­at had been re­mo­ved from the kraal and slaug­h­te­red ne­ar a wa­ter­fall on the farm. The va­lue of the go­at is R2500. The ca­se is still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

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