Lo­cal shop joins the Food­zo­ne group

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A­ber­deen — Tuin­ka­fee has been a fix­tu­re in A­ber­deen for c­lo­se to 30 y­e­ars, pro­vi­ding lo­cal re­si­dents and vi­si­tors with con­ve­nien­ce pro­ducts at ex­ten­ded hours.

The Jor­daan fa­mi­ly boug­ht the bu­si­ness 10 y­e­ars ago, and sin­ce then it has go­ne from strength to strength, with ma­ny im­pro­vements and ex­ten­si­ons.

Two y­e­ars ago, the shop floor a­rea was in­cre­a­sed by a­bout 25%, to al­low the sto­re to stock a lar­ger ran­ge of gro­ce­ries, as well as a small se­lecti­on of gif­ts, toys and croc­ke­ry.

A wi­de ran­ge of ta­ke­a­way foods al­so at­tracts ma­ny re­pe­at cu­s­to­mers.

Jan-hen­drik Jor­daan is de­lig­h­ted to an­noun­ce that the bu­si­ness has now joi­ned the Food­zo­ne group, a na­ti­o­nal group with a mem­ber ba­se of o­ver 170 in­de­pen­dent­lyo­w­ned sto­res. T­his ex­ci­ting de­ve­lop­ment can on­ly be of be­ne­fit to the A­ber­deen com­mu­ni­ty.

By buying di­rect­ly from sup­pliers, rat­her than w­ho­le­s­a­lers as be­fo­re, mo­re pro­ducts will be a­vai­la­ble, at bet­ter pri­ces for the cu­s­to­mer. W­hen the Jor­daans took o­ver the bu­si­ness, the­re we­re fi­ve em­ploy­ees - now, due to in­cre­a­sed bu­si­ness, the­re are ni­ne full-ti­me mem­bers of staff, and se­ver­al part-ti­mers. The of­fi­ci­al o­pe­ning with the new brand will be t­his F­ri­day and Sa­tur­day w­hen a vi­si­ting Food­zo­ne te­am will be in sto­re with lucky draws, bal­loon-pop­ping and ex­tra spe­ci­als.

The staff of Food­zo­ne Ex­press out­si­de the ne­w­ly-bran­ded sto­re.

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