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A­ber­deen — The wor­ld-re­no­w­ned a­cou­stic guit­a­rist To­ny Cox will be per­for­ming in A­ber­deen on Sa­tur­day, 6 Oc­to­ber, at Georg re­stau­rant and tea gar­den - t­his e­vent pro­mi­ses to be an oc­ca­si­on not to be mis­sed.

To­ny was born in Zim­bab­we, w­he­re his lo­ve af­fair with the in­stru­ment star­ted w­hen he le­ar­ned to play Ha­wai­i­an guit­ar at the age of ni­ne. In his teens, he swit­ched to the mo­re con­ven­ti­o­nal a­cou­stic guit­ar, and to re­fi­ne his techni­que he stu­died clas­si­cal guit­ar for two y­e­ars. He mo­ved, with his fa­mi­ly, to Ca­pe To­wn in 1969.

He has been com­po­sing his own mu­sic for ma­ny y­e­ars, and his sty­le is now very much his own, mer­ging Zu­lu Mas­kan­di sty­le with clas­si­cal techni­que and form. He has won the a­ward for Be­st In­stru­men­tal Al­bum three ti­mes at the pres­ti­gi­ous South A­fri­can Mu­sic A­wards.

To­ny has tra­ve­led ex­ten­si­ve­ly throug­hout Eu­ro­pe and North A­me­ri­ca to per­form, alt­hough now the­se fo­rays are li­mi­ted to mo­re lo­cal ve­nues due to his te­a­ching com­mit­ments. He holds re­gu­lar works­hops, and it was af­ter at­ten­ding two of the­se that re­stau­rant o­w­ner and keen guit­a­rist Georg Ritschl was in­spi­red to ask To­ny to not on­ly per­form in A­ber­deen but al­so to hold a works­hop the next day. T­his will be his first vi­sit to A­ber­deen, and will cer­tain­ly help to put the to­wn on the map as a ve­nue for first-class mu­si­cal en­ter­tai­n­ment.

Tic­kets for the Sa­tur­day con­cert are R275, and t­his in­clu­des a wel­co­me drink, snacks and a lig­ht me­al. The e­vent starts at 15:30 for 16:00. Book­ings can be ma­de on 049 846 0076 or on­li­ne at www. quic­

The works­hop, to be held on Sun­day 7 Oc­to­ber from 9:30 till 15:00, cos­ts R550, in­clu­ding lunch. “If you know so­me ba­si­cs on your guit­ar, you will be­ne­fit from t­his as much as if you are an ad­van­ced and ac­com­plis­hed play­er,” said Ritschl. The­re are still a few pla­ces left for the works­hop, and re­ser­va­ti­ons for t­his can be ma­de with Ritschl on 083 289 6196.

As well as per­for­ming and te­a­ching pri­va­te pu­pils, To­ny is cur­rent­ly very ex­ci­ted a­bout a new pro­ject plan­ned to start next y­e­ar. He will be o­pe­ning a guit­ar a­ca­de­my for dis­ad­van­ta­ged pu­pils in his ho­me­town of Sed­ge­field and will work in a struc­tu­red way through the gra­des re­cog­ni­zed in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly. Po­ten­ti­al le­ar­ners will be i­den­ti­fied by wor­king clo­se­ly with lo­cal schools, au­di­ti­o­ning tho­se who are pre­pa­red to show com­mit­ment to the cour­se.

Wor­ld-re­no­w­ned a­cou­stic guit­a­rist To­ny Cox will be in A­ber­deen next wee­kend.

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