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Af­ter ma­ny craft acti­vi­ties and ou­tings, t­his week A­ber­deen’s Gar­den and So­ci­al Club went back to their “roots” with a vi­sit to a com­pact but beau­ti­ful gar­den in A­ber­deen.

The en­clo­sed gar­den of Ra­bie and Al­ma­rie Ge­ric­ke, hid­den a­way in Cat­h­cart S­treet be­hind high walls, re­vea­led an in­te­res­ting small gar­den, com­ple­te with a s­par­kling pool for re­lax­a­ti­on du­ring the hot sum­mers.

The gar­den con­tains a pro­fu­si­on of wild gar­lic, cree­pers and ro­ses, and Ra­bie ga­ve a short but in­for­ma­ti­ve talk on the im­pro­vements and chan­ges he has ma­de sin­ce mo­ving to the hou­se. The­re we­re ma­ny que­s­ti­ons from the mem­bers, not on­ly on the de­ve­lop­ment of the gar­den, but al­so a­bout the pool and the main­te­nan­ce re­qui­red to keep it in such pris­ti­ne con­di­ti­on.

C­hai­r­la­dy Estel­le van Wyk then ga­ve a most in­te­res­ting talk on in­di­ge­nous weeds, which in­clu­ded ma­ny sam­ples of weeds ca­re­ful­ly bag­ged and pre­sen­ted with information on each spe­ci­fic spe­cies.

She emp­ha­si­sed the sym­bi­o­tic re­la­ti­ons­hip of the weeds, and en­lig­h­te­ned the mem­bers to the he­alth be­ne­fits of dif­fe­rent va­ri­e­ties. Who knew that the hum­ble dan­de­li­on is full of vi­ta­min C, and mi­ne­rals in­clu­ding i­ron, mag­ne­si­um and cal­ci­um?

Most weeds are in fact e­di­ble, and can add a tang and he­alth boost to a sa­lad. One long-ti­me mem­ber was so im­pres­sed by the he­alth pro­per­ties of the weeds, that she as­ked to ta­ke ho­me all the sam­ples to plant in her own gar­den!

The Oc­to­ber meet­ing is an ou­ting to Mon­te­go Pet Nutri­ti­on in Graaff-rei­net, which is al­re­a­dy ful­ly book­ed. De­tails we­re al­so gi­ven

Estel­le van Wyk ex­plai­ning a­bout dif­fe­rent weeds.

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